Wisdom 4

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  • How to do with upset, it only reminds you need to learn and grow in your moral capacity.
  • To have a religion is one stop on the way to spiritual freedom as to have a job for making a living before realization of financial freedom.
  • To be an expert is an opportunity you choose to do something mostly by yourself, to be a manager is to organize everything and people interaction under control, to be a master is to educate people to be a leader who can do the right thing in any environment with the best performance.
  • Crisis brings opportunity to experience the big changes in both directions.
  • Opportunity is that something new has been started to evolve but not complete.
  • Moderation is the final art for happiness, health and wisdom.
  • Circumstances were as much as possibly limited by scientists to prove something while delimited by businessmen to sell something.
  • Both in a natural way, Tao tells science, and Zen tells art, while Confucius in an artificial way tells how to be a natural person.
  • Motion changes the requirement for space. It stimulates expansion but makes people more endurable for the small due to transformation of sense focus.
  • Understanding not philosophy gives freedom for happiness because the courage to depth and truth is more essential than the flexibility to escape.
  • You are poor because you are lazy; You will die soon if you are too greedy.
  • You can find yourself only when you have to make a choice.
  • You become old because you reject what are new and always accumulate what are not useful. The way to be mature and young is to keep open-minded and learning new. KEEP IN MIND: The fresh is necessary for health, foods, air, knowledge and thinking.
  • When you think about what is the value of life and the meaning of living, the best answer is to stop thinking and to start to do something. Because there are too many different real answers that is not specific for you, or only one true answer that is beyond your understanding. Someday you will realize that your question for your own life only can be answered by yourself after you have experienced your life completely.
  • As time flows our age goes higher in number, our thought goes deeper to sources. In our life path as a spiral, highness of happiness depends more upon spiritual than upon emotional or intelligence.

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