Wisdom 3

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  1. Ignorance in level of incapability to learn makes less obstacles to civilization than of refusing to.
  2. Deliberate dealing with tough person can be a lucky application of strong muscles of wisdom.
  3. To learn how to use own intelligence is an easy way to be wise and happy.
  4. To decide to be a hero, to plan to be a magician, to be disciplined to be a warrior, to study to be a scholar. To be a saint, however, to be all together.
  5. The way of success between COPY other’s and CREATE your own is absolutely opposite. One is of knowledge, another of ignorance.
  6. Personality and intellect are my self, knowledge and courage are my hands, and wisdom and strength are my habits. I can be content with my wisdom and courage, but never satisfied with my knowledge and strength.
  7. Let people to realize virtue as a function of personal system, energy and time will be saved for education and culture to make a world of goodness.
  8. The right way usually is one difficult not easy, as the goal is straight ahead but the road is rugged.
  9. Image what we want, discipline the skills to hew the part what we do not want, and persist in patience to see the picture developed with our labors.
  10. We have one more choice than water: to go back in space not in time.
  11. Worry to lose because of your possession. Worry to fail because you are in a hinger position. If you know that you will give what you have to someone who need more seriously than you and that you have prepared yourself more than enough for your position requires, the worry will be gone.
  12. What’s destiny? To choose or to be chosen. The truth is that there is freedom to choose but the realty is that it is limited to choose from. The art is to be able to choose and choose the best.
  13. Some thought they were lucky because they were chosen well, other thought they were lucky because they chose well.

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