Wisdom 2

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  1. Light: Life absorbs energy from light then grows in darkness, afterwards, degrades in light then dies to darkness.
  2. Force: Force from light is powerful to life but not forceful to spirit, one from darkness is also powerful but forceful. There are two directions for force, one is to live, another is to evil. We need force stored to protect living from evil.
  3. Arbitrary: Rule is nothing comparing to need, principle to free will, habit to emotion, reason to fool, profit to bubble, civilization to war.
  4. Prediction for October 2010: The way to study the past is not to confine yourself to the history but to know how to realize the past through the application of the knowledge. (Treasure in the mountains, h26).
  5. Knowledge as light to disperse the darkness in the long way of life. Wisdom as your sight to use the light to see your way.
  6. Skills only make a surviving while commitment achieves.
  7. True love is from spiritual attraction to soul home without reasons while artificial one is from desire to purpose.
  8. The secrets of master personality include virtue of sage, discipline of warrior, skills of magician and courage of hero.
  9. The role of education is to let you understand what happened out of you. e.g. It looks that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, however, education let us know that our earth moves around the sun.
  10. From the way to ask or to answer question it can be seen that the persron who asks want the answer or not, and who answers want to give the answer.
  11. Natural interest is attraction to objective which matchs intrinsic expectation while artificial one due to recognition of people who engage in with authority.
  12. Legitimate seductions for emotinal impulses were used as popular marketing means because happiness comes to most of us when the suppression of desire was released.
  13. Talents basically attribute into two stages of life time: the bravity and strength of junior and the experience and wisdom of senior. Should be the early luck missed, the late fortune also is graspable.
  14. Life is a one-way path. To choose or not to, will be chosen. Nature and personality determine will-being, habits determine the pattern of path, attitude determines on whom the impacts.
  15. Love to happiness as water to life, hurt with love like crop’s drowning or drought.
  16. Understanding depends on the level of knowledges but view only upon the point of standing.
  17. Clarity by seeing or by hearing is always easier than by saying.
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