Trap Surviving

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We live in a world filled with danger and risk so we must be able to protect ourselves besides God’s blessing.

We wish an ideal living environment filled with safety and freedom for our loved ones and ourselves. We seek and try to create a favorable kingdom but most of time we escaped to a new one which was built by other people. Sometimes we are attracted and welcomed to a new place to live in order to change and to hopefully promote our lifestyle. Naturally we wonder why the landlord invites us to their land. They are generous to rescue us from the deep waters and burning fires. The truth is that we are useful to them.

People live for satisfaction of needs. When you are warmly invited to enjoy something for free they usually want to sell you something or expect you to donate money or labors. Our spiritual needs are taken advantage of by someone to satisfy their material attainment. Sometimes our spiritual donation is actively required by powerful people to support their political needs.

A trap is when you are not aware of a danger or risk to lose something you do not want to lose. We must first learn to recognize and avoid falling into a trap before we are trapped. Then we should prepare and exercise how to deal with and escape from a trap.


Hare is arrogant of its long rear legs for speed and resilience. That’s from the well-known “Tortoise and Hare Racing” of Aesop fable. How the hare survives the hunter’s chase is not well-known to the Western people. Usually Hare has built more than two holes to hide food and babies. Hare plays disappearing from the sight of a hunting dog better than running fast when chased. Hare knows well that he can run fast in the beginning, but will be exhausted after many hunting dogs take shifts to chase him. So Hare runs several big circles around his three holes to confuse the dogs. Hare did not hide in a hole the first time. He always passes over then suddenly go back to his hole to hide.

Fox is cunning enough to walk around to test a trap more than one time. Fox is notorious for being an over suspicious character. That’s tragic for no friend for life but comic for self-protection in a trap. Hedgehog is always teased by fox but fox never succeeds in any planned attack on the hedgehog. Hedgehog adopts an effective self-protecting strategy: stickly-prickly curled up into a ball. However, Weasel, not Fox is the conqueror of Hedgehog! Fortunately, Hedgehog is not weasel’s favorite food because weasel’s main food includes shrews, baby rabbits, birds, frogs, lizards, snakes, and many kinds of insects. Weasel attacking hedgehog only happens when weasel meets defiance from the cunning Fox. With which Weasel proves himself more powerful than fox. Weasels secret is its very bad smelling pee.

Man proposes, God disposes.

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