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Sagacious Saints

by William Meng
Human being lives with the support of spiritual believing in somebody or something that exists in reality or understanding. From words we use and rules we behave to places we will go after we have done in a life, all are formed and evolved from generation to generation in time, from the shallow to the deep or from the outside to inside in space, according to a big rule made by the Sagacious Saints.

All we can see and know for the traces of Sagacious Saints are from words or drawings on materials, such as papers, feathers, rocks, woods or bamboos. Some stories called legends all will be written into modern words on paper or on internet.

Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and Lao Tzu are the most famous Sages or Saints in the Chinese and Western religions and cultures.

Buddha teaches human being to live a simple life to inhibit any desires because anything is not real and empty at present. All we live is determined by behaviors of our past generation or life. All we behave now will determine our next life or generation. If you can sacrifice yourself for others to some degree or point in the real life, someday you maybe become a Buddha too. The purpose of human being to live is to become a Buddha to save other people to be liberated from suffering.

Confucius (Kong Zi) was a real human being who lived as a real person in his time. He did not have super power to make a magic or miracle as Buddha or Jesus. Confucius teaches human being how to live according to rules made by the Emperor or the upper person. Confucius teaches how to deal with relationships in a material life not in spiritual seeking. So in any dynasty of China the Power-Holder appreciates his help to govern people. The reason that regular people to favor Confucius is because it is easy for parents to teach their children to do well in school can find a good job to serve the society.

Jesus is said to be a human being who came into this world with a legend. His father is God, not a human being. He has a body of human being and soul of God. Like a rainbow, a bridge from earth where human being live to heaven where God stay. In Jesus world there is no time and space difference, only love as energy to fill human body and soul to live as family members. There is no need to worry about material life for human being if you can love. This is a real spiritual Sage to depend upon for a person to live a temporal life. The Bible is a love book to guide people to live with spiritual richness.

Lao Tzu (Lao Zi) was a contemporary of Confucius. On the contrary, Lao Tzu taught people to live in simplicity to follow instinct and conscience not to follow authority by force. He prefers laws of nature to explicit intentions, strong wills or proactive initiatives. He teaches people to avoid violence for human being relationship. His Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) is taken as the Bible for Chinese to realize individual spirituality and inter-personal works.

Some people believe that the nature including human being was created by God, the father of Jesus. So Jesus is the most powerful existence in the world. Jesus loves everybody as father loves children. If you believe Jesus, you will be blessed by a super power.

Some people believe that nature is an existence or a process of evolution. Lao Tzu teaches people how to handle things effectively in natural way with love. All human emotions, characters and personalities should be in harmony with conscience. Because human being is a product of nature, Patience is needed to follow the laws of nature with unconditional love.

Confucius said that books bring your powers. This is very similar to Jewish teaching for children, "portable knowledge is power".

Lao Tzu teaches you how to be a leader. Confucius teaches people how to be lead by you.

Jesus teaches you how to be in love with people. Buddha teaches you how to live when you lost your love.