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by William Meng
Price displays value. Price is not equal to value at most of time. When you buy something, you pay the price for the value. When you sell something, you sell the value for the price.

Price is obviously shown outside while value is hidden inside. Over value and under value always happens because price is determined by demand and supply. In a free market price is value because the flow is natural free between two sides of buyer and seller.

For a person the value is not determined by money as price but your price is dependent on your value. In job market your price is offered by your knowledge and skills. After you are hired, your price may go up because your value is appreciated by your employer for your contribution more than expected.

Do you think your value is what you have created? When all you have disappears how you think about your value.

This is a balance issue for price and value. Price is for buy and sell purpose. Value is much more than that. You can make friends with people who have the similar value not price. You work only for price not the value. You can not work hard enough for the price. You can work enough only when you work for your value. However, when you work for your value, it is not work any more.

You have created something that is worthy of something in people eyes. However, you can not sell those in a price to support your value. What should you do for your next action?

In order to live for value you must have ability to do something that can sell for high price. So you can live to enjoy your own life to do something that you think valuable and like to do but not for sell.

Love has value but no price. If you want to set a price to buy love, you will be disappointed of that business. Love only exists when value appears. Love disappears when price approach to it.

Money is price. Money does not have price if people do not use it. Money can be used to buy many things. That's money's value. We make money for living and spend money for love.

We use money to express ourselves for some value by paying the price in the world of human being.

We can not say what's the price of person as a human being. " The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self " as Albert Einstein said.