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by William Meng
Something is easy to be done. Somebody is easy to get along with. Somewhere is easy to get accustomed to.

There is ease when you have knowledge, experience, skill, energy, and power. Ease is a normal, healthy and natural state. Loss of ease will result in problems. That's called dis-ease (disease).

Disease is not healthy in physique and mentality for human being. Man has a body as form and spirit, thought, mind as components. Health is not just a natural body, still includes peace of mind, mental ease and spiritual security.

You can not make easy money. Somebody else can spare some money for you if you are lucky. However, you can make your life easy by changing your thinking way.

If no thinking you will get problem. Thinking too much will bring stress. Thinking "how to" is to prepare. Thinking why is to try to avoid. Thinking about is to worry. Worry wastes energy and time to make you feel tired.

Ease is a state just ahead of present. How big your "now" determines your thinking way. Thinking from future to now brings ease to you. Thinking from now to future takes your energy away to make you tired. If you have a big "now", you do not need to worry about your future. The way to expand your now is to learn and to adapt.

Your intelligence already makes your current conditions. What you need is your emotional and mental mind adjustment. To adapt is not difficult if you want to change yourself at the bottom of your heart. You do not need to give up your dream. It is that your dream keeps you energetic to interact with environment to survive then pave a way to reach your goal and fulfill your needs. Otherwise, after you get what you want and find that you are lost and far away to your dream, you will not have ease.

Your environment is only other peers not nature. Nature is part of you. Nature is healthy. When man tries to change and control nature, it will lose balance of itself and harmony with man. Man is part of nature too. However, man thinks mistakenly themselves are the master of nature. Nature is powerful enough to resist any attack and to repair any damages for itself. If man fights nature too much, nature will be angry to teach man a lesson.

Science is a tool for man to know nature better. The easy way to survive with nature is to understand each other and get along with harmony. All knowledge of a man have held only is one drop of sea water.

It is easy to flow with waves in sea. When you think about why you stay, you become tired. When you forget yourself, you are flowing as water or floating as ice in the sea or flying in the sky as air or cloud.

It is not easy to live in this world for us. It is easy to think that we are not of this world.

A successful system should be run with ease. A happy life should be living with ease. You can never work hard enough for others without ease. Ease is a purpose and goal for all we do for.

Uneasiness from yourself or others can be released by mentally adjustment or physical avoidance to neutralize the superioty attributed between.