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Way2goal, to live a goal oriented life

by William Meng
If you do not have a goal, any way will be the right way to go. If you have a goal, sometimes you may get lost, you will find the right way. At least you know what way is not the right way.

Way is the methodology, tool to be used or path, road to take for or the principle, rule to follow. Goal is the world view, vision to manifest, aim, target to reach, or purpose to do for, or dream, potential to realize.

Where there is a will, there is a way. I believe that there is a way to where you dream is. I follow the way to my dream, no matter it is obvious or not enough to see, or is strong or not enough to feel. The desire to reach and the faith to go with exists in my mind. I do not need to think about if it is true or not. I know that if you have a future goal, or you believe something, you will be a person who is confident and happy in everyday life,

Hope is the water for your life flower. Hopeless makes your life no more flow. Hope for future or future as a hope make people happy to live more time. Disappointment for personal ability or public environment make people lose interest to do thing or work perfectly. Responsibility is the only motive to live in a bottom line.

To answer these questions is easy. To accept changes and adapt environment is the most effective way to access your best way to goal. How to start and keep on the track is a difficult job. It is difficult to start for anything. For mind set or system building all starts from thought. Think over before leap. If you want to be happy, do not think too long too often about WHAT should be. Just think HOW.

If you want to live a temporary life as most of the people, just do as other people. Even you do not need think, just follow or imitate other people. If you want to be yourself and to be rich, you must think and do not follow most of people.

The meaning of life is to build, to pass, to give, to conquer, to surrender. Or to take, to give up.

You can choose your life for now no matter how it was before or will be in the future. Time is short and passed. Future supplies space. You have energy at present.

Love is energy in truth as money is energy in reality. Manifestaton is materialized form of spirit, the process can not be seen clear as realization. You can love a person without any action in realization to express with what you can buy. When you fall in love with a person at the first sight, the manifestation of your mental picturing of love is done. How to get your love is a process of realization to win a person's heart by physical interactions. Love can not be bought with money, but love can not survive without money.

I can choose a goal and a way. I can make a goal and a way. Not much work, just a think. A future goal is a support for present life. The way is what people are looking for to follow to the future.

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