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choose right

by William Meng
When you get problem you can escape or face it and find a solution.

When stuck in problem you always expect someone can give you some advice. Someone teaches you a lesson according to his own experience in a rude tone which you do not like because you are embarrassed by telling your shorting and weak points. Someone shows sympathy to your problem and say something such as he has the similar problem before. So he gives a curse for somebody else not yourself for the responsibility.

The problem maybe that you want something but you can not get it. Or you lose something you want to keep. However, the truth is that you can not hold something that is not you or you can not lose something that belongs to you.

When you want something new to you, you must be very careful because you will lose something that already is part of you. It is easier to attract something close to you than that far away from. You can buy something no matter the distance is. However, the truth is that you only can attract something that is similar to you. If you want something that is different from you, you must pay for it.

The purpose of struggle is peace. You can choose to make a living by selling your labor or yourself. Selling labor can get pay. Selling yourself can get no pay. Both ways can bring you peace. Otherwise, you can not get peace if you do not get pay by selling labor or if you get pay by selling yourself. Selling is an exchange. Selling yourself to get a state of absence of soul is already an exchange.

Devotement is different from selling. Devoting as a fish in sea is not an exchange as selling.

Taking is struggle while giving is transcending. Peace comes as a result of harmony not coincidence. Harmony is nature as balance is intention. Harmony exists only when both sides relax while balance needs tightness. Spirit needs harmony. Material needs balance. You can attract spiritual contentment and can buy material satisfaction. Richness in material can not compensate your spiritual lack. Spiritual peace can save your material desire or greed. You can choose to conquer one desire or satisfy many ones. Conqueror is not spirit as surrender is. However, it is a necessary stage on the way to spirit. We choose to conquer a material desire to surrender spiritual manifesting.

Kids like to show what they own. Adult shows that who they are. We grow up in age naturally. We can choose despair when we think about life's short, or awareness when we know that life is a temporary residence of our eternal energy in this earthy body.

How to choose the right one? Both in spiritual and material, choosing right makes difference of yes to no while perfoming well attains more movement. When we make a decision for chosing it is needed to consider firstly the importance to you besides emotional interest, then the security of your daily life, and finally the freedom of time and peace of mind. In other words, a chosen change in job or religion should not be at the cost of increasing long term fears for a provisional refreshment.