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by William Meng
Transition is a period in time and space in spite of wave movement of energy within a regular range. In general transition is called due to some big change of energy. In another words change in quality happens after changes in quantity gradually. There is a point of time and position to end transition and start the breakthrough which will change everything in a very short time with significant influences in life.

We expect life will be better and better. If you have a goal and a plan your actions will take you through the process of transition from vision into reality. Life is the combinational result of environment and your own thought. No matter what you expect it should be life is what is. Life can be very close to your expectation through your consistent efforts. However, a miracle usually comes when you least expected.

The turn point only can be defined after it has formed because it is least recognized by most people at the exact time when it is forming. That is so-called "truth usually is known to least people".

In history there are many transition points which supply opportunity for treasure or fame. However, the lucky people are very few; only those that are well-prepared with deep knowledge and wide experiences. They anticipate what will happen in the specialized area and they do not procrastinate for actions. They also have enough patience and persistence to wait for the breakthrough moment.

Why do they not hesitate in taking action in the moment? They are confident in their ability to adapt to changes if the trend does not favor their anticipation even though they are not one hundred percent sure about their judgment.

Some people have anticipated the moment. Why can they not master it when it comes? They have only read of this kind of repetition but have no successful experiences on it. Or they have failed when they tried it before.

So, knowing it is one thing, to know how to deal with it is another thing. Transition point is a big opportunity for transitioned people not for transitioning people.