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by William Meng
We are human beings so we need more than regular animals. Although we don't know exactly whether a dog needs spiritual contentment, we know we do.

Contentment is a state of satisfaction with comfort. What you needed and loved are the main source of satisfaction.

It is very difficult to separate what you love and what you need. Life is simple but people make it complicated. This is the reason why people become unhappy. It is much easier to make a simple thing complicated than to make a complicated one easier. We have problems when we treat things emotionally rather than rationally.

I need money to express myself in various situations but I really do not love money. Love cannot be just an emotion because love needs many things to keep it fresh, just as a flower needs water. Otherwise love will be dead just as a flower fades. Love needs money. Money does not buy love.

Finding Contentment Need equals value but love is invaluable. You can buy a woman to satisfy your physical needs even if you do not love her. You still need another woman to love. Happiness only comes to you when all physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental needs are balanced and satisfied. Love can satisfy most of your spiritual needs while money can buy most of materials.

People appreciate what they make or earn through their own hard work. "Easy come, easy go". That's a truth and the reason why people are wasteful with their easy money from inheritance or winning lottery.

Everybody has a nature for contentment. If they cannot find and get what they need legally within conventional rules, they will try edging with risk of guilt or sin.

The way to get love outside marriage is called derailment. The way to get money without work is called bribery. All these under moonlight misbehaviors are called corruption. Corruption generates temporary contentment. The cost is too high to recover the loss of freedom of body and of peace of mind.

We know human beings work in a "give and take" system. In taking it is easy to become greedy. So we should intentionally learn and practice giving something we have to somebody who needs it more seriously than ourselves. This contentment is healthy and long life because it is a naturally regulated and controlled balance system.