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by William Meng
Freedom of man is a circle. You will lose more Privacy while you get more public exposure and vice versa.

Before you were born you can go anywhere at anytime with your mother and you are worry-free financially because you can get free food and shelter from your mother's body. After you are separated from your mother's body you need someone to feed you according to a timetable designed by other people. Somewhere you can't go because you are too young. As you grow up you will have more and more time limitations doing something that you do not like per se, but have to, as you were told you must get more free time to do something that you like to in the future.

Fortunately, you do not need to worry too much about your living expenses before you become old enough to make a living by yourself. You can get free schooling before you choose what to do to make a living after graduation. Your parents are not rich enough to afford your attendance at an expensive so-called "private school". Most of time you still need to borrow money from government with interest free within a certain period. At this time you can enjoy your excitement in youth due to less pressure for public responsibility although you may be eager to be an adult who can do things you cannot, such as drinking, driving, gamble, or marry.

Someday you finally become an adult. You just think that you can do anything you want. You can decide everything in spite of your no assurance about how to do. As most people you got married and have children. So from now on you need to consider to, as a parent, sacrifice your free time, space, and financial spending indulgence.

freedom: who enjoys
 in the house beside the sea Freedom of bird is same as man. A wild bird can fly anywhere but has to find food by itself. It has physical freedom but no food security. Freedom is based on security as bottom line. A homeless man has freedom of space and time just like a wild bird. Someday the wild bird looks around and finds some lucky guys that live in a small cage under the roof of a big house and have food security. Then the wild bird makes a decision to be adopted by a man. It gets a nice cage and feels warm and comfortable with the new secure life environment even though the flying space is too small. A few days later, the master man is not satisfied with the showing skills of the bird in the cage and decides to let it go. So the cage gate is unlocked and the man orders the bird to go away. The bird misunderstands that the man gives more space then feels excited to fly away. However, when the bird flies back it finds that the cage has been locked. So the bird begins to feel sad not for the locked cage but because it gets no more free food from the man.

Freedom as a circle needs you to sacrifice something for something. You can choose to be but you can not choose to have. You are not what you have but what you give. You can not attract what you want but you can buy what you want. You only can attract what you are. Spiritual freedom is more independent than material freedom. Fortunately, what is most important to life, air, is free. Second most important to life is water which is not so expensive for most people. Only luxuries are expensive. The desire for luxuries make people compare themselves to one another or compete for survival in the commercial business life.

The richest man in Babylon To be free is not so difficult if you do not want to have much more than other people. It is a paradox. If you have more you will get more responsibility. Usually responsibility gives you pressure to sacrifice something you like. Most of stress of life come from other people who love you or who pay your bills. Love is the most important component of happiness in your life and your bills almost take an equal position as love.

As a human being, your financial freedom can only be realized when you have invented a system which conquers the market while your spiritual freedom is unconditional in real life.

Freedom without contributions to other people is valueless. Only succeessful people can create valuable freedom in using time, space, and controling willpower and material resources. Freedom is the essence of success for a person who can do what, be what, go where he want to.

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