Time and Opportunity

To be a better and useful person who has a better life.
If you do not love what you do, you are not happy.
If you do what you love, but no body pays for what you do,
you are not rich.
So you need to do what you love,
and to market what you do to make money.
Then you are happy and rich.

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The followings are some existings in our life that not all of us have realized.
  1. When everyone blames others it is clear that no one has a solution to the problem right now. In order to please ourselves we should work our routines and organize the details, and help those who ask our assistances.
  2. Xianwang Meng
  3. If you are not an owner, no matter whether with or without a title, the best you can do is to be a leader. Try to be a manager, not a leader, if you are not smart enough but have a high EQ.
  4. Ownership by Xianwang Meng
  5. What is the destiny if you believe it? That is your education, experience and determination.
  6. by Xianwang Meng
  7. To find out the secret is not that difficult as to learn how use it. So we spend time to be trained as a handy person, and wait preparedly and patiently for our time to come.
  8. by Xianwang Meng
  9. People usually misunderstand the importance and the meaning of virtue. Virtue is the goodness and bases to support and hold what exist in human mind and rights. If someone does not have virtue available when opportunity comes and is caught, the action to startup can be performed well and also the instantly excitingment can be felt. However, the result can not be continued persistently because the capacity based on virtue is too limited.
  10. by Xianwang Meng
  11. The concept of successful person can be simplified as what kind of real asset you have: a secure job for an emplyee, or a profitable business for a employer. If you are not happy as such a successful person, not because you do not make a lot of money, but because you are not doing what you love. If you are not happy with your boss, not because he make much more money than you, but because he is not satisfied with you. You are not happy with your employee not because you pay him too much but because you are not satisfied with what he has done.
  12. by Xianwang Meng
  13. The concept of concentration can be complicated as seperation to know the details, then join together to find the mystery of a whole. If you are a autoparts seller, you will understand why you want to sell car to make money. If you are single, you will understand why you want to find a partner to play and to be happy.
  14. by Xianwang Meng
  15. Because secret is the truth existing naturally but human weakness always exploits most of the capability to use it successfully. If you know a secret, do not try to use it before you are ready and the right time comes. Keep preparing and practice in gradually obtaining confidence till acting for the mature opportunity.
  16. by Xianwang Meng
  17. We trust in feeling for outside, but in thinking for insider ourselves. We trust in feeling for love, but in thinking for money. If we meet true love, we will lose thinking then become completely emotional because we do not need to think the meaning and value of life, or what you are, who you will be. True love likes winning a lottery jackpot in a low probability.
  18. by Xianwang Meng
  19. After we have realized our goals, what we should do ? We can celebrate and cheer, but not too excited or become over confident. Because we still have long way to go, our success is a new and higher step on which we can see far and do better. The more important and also needed to pay attention is to complete what you started then to carry victory home.
  20. by Xianwang Meng
  21. If you can see gold that behaves like a regular stone in the eyes of regular people, you do not need to explain and complain why people do not trust you. What you need to do is to grind and break it into pieces, then sell to experts who can recognize gold and know it is gold. In this way you save the marketing step to sell what your produced.
  22. by Xianwang Meng
  23. As eye is not just an organ to see others but a window to show the light of soul, we are not only a consumer to take what we need but also a contributor to present our talents and love.
  24. by Xianwang Meng
  25. After we have well planned and designed what to do, we can just do without anticipitation. Most of the branded products are well designed. Both NIKE and APPLE just design, do not make the shoes and hardwares, others do as designed. Our future needs plan and design. We follow parents' design before we can make a living by ourselves. However, when we become independent, we can choose to do follwoing our own design.
  26. by Xianwang Meng
  27. When seeing the change of seasons we know that everything has its time. Understanding of seasons help us to prepare ourself well for our right time. In most of times belonging not to us we need to learn to accept and adapt circumstances. Acception is not stagnation, idleness, but knowing the difference of limitation and change of circumstances. When authority and point of view becomes contradictory, it will take time to negotiate patiently for a win-win solution.
  28. by Xianwang Meng
  29. As growing up we know more and more, but we still need faith in our growing matureness and realization of potential as time flows. No matter where the god is watching us, what we believe make us happy and healthy is the right one. To live is one thing, but not the only one. We still need to love. If we do not have faith in ourselves, how to love others? What others trust in us? If we have faith in ourselves and have someone whom we love, why we have to search a god to believe and something called true love?
  30. by Xianwang Meng
  31. What is opportunity ? Change is the window of opportunities. Opportunity from the outside comes to everyone with the same probability. When everyone has tried hard but has no confidence to conclude, this inconvenience is an opportunity to catch the ready one easily just with sufficient knowledge. What is the opportunity that comes from the inside of us ? What do we need to prepare ourself to create an opportunity inside of us ? That is the big question for our self-cultivation. Spiritual intelligence can strucure our personalities to form a container in which is ready for welcoming and recepting the possibility.
  32. by Xianwang Meng
  33. How to live long ? Long life is not because of your strength, but because you are not located at a position to face the devastated catastrophe. Of course, you have a choice of how to live your life. Like a butterfly to live short with happiness and freedom, just flying and mating for a day. Or like a spider to live long, but have to find a corner to weave its own web day by day.
  34. by Xianwang Meng
  35. How to be simple ? If you can do in a simple way, you are a master. If you do in a sophisticated way, you are an expert. How to know that you need to be a master or an expert ? If you think in a simple and deep way like this, everything is a process from opening to closing. Human being starts with opening eyes and ends with closing eyes. A business starts with opening and end with closing. A day starts with opening of brightness and end with closing to darkness. No matter what simple, we need to start and to end. That is a basic duty for us to finish what we started.
  36. by Xianwang Meng

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