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A bubble booming will be lead by Biopharms & SMARTChips in 2018

A Hero Stock Picker
Buy (MAY. 2018) : BABA , NVDA , EDIT ,
2018-2019 possible bubble boomer ASHR , SOGO , XNET
Sell: FB
questions: how about now ? contact by email:
A stock has a temper in the trend and a nature in the cycles.
Risk is the difference between what can happen and what will happen.

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Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.
  1. Believe in Cycles, Follow Trend.
  2. Think in Symmetry, Act with Inertia.
  3. Insist in Rules, Give up Tricking
Reading Books and Play without Emotions Is the Way to Learn Playing Well.
Stock Market is an ATM if you know the code to transfer the balance.

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