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Mental picturing produces a blue print for dream project of life. Intelligent patience is critical time axis long enough for sustaining your love hope and expected contentment in spiritual and soul belongings. Emotional control and risky minded action to follow mental planning can give you material gains, including financial security and social recognition in your professional career. Both love and monetary realizations, i.e. manifestations are dependent upon persistence in proactive mind and adaptive evolutionary attitude to learn and correlate knowledge and talent that as a tool to survive everyday life.

Manifestation is a process of life surviving and adapting over environments including natural changes and man-made revolution or catastrophes. The tool is mediation and the backer is God for majority of the spiritual master or religion leader. The result is transcendence or ultra-temporal thinking for love and monetary things.

Manifestation is process during which energy in wave was transformed into material in particles. The footprint of going and moving of energy from human mind to real existence was measured and recorded with time and displayed in occurrence of space taking. Take for example. You want to buy a big house but you don’t have money. So you want to try to play lottery. You got a dream last night and bought a lottery in that number this morning and won a big money. You use the money to buy your dream house.

Manifestation Sources

Past, now and future are the stops of manifestation bus. When you are thinking about something, something as a content of thinking can be past, now of future. However, the thinking as a thing only can be past forever. Manifestation as a plan is past, as a goal is future, as an action is now. So time is for past, energy for now and space for future.

Man’s suffering and sadness is from thinking not from action. So now gives you two choices, one is to think or another is to act. If you spend too much time to think without action will make you feel suffering. If you do not think before acting you will be thinking again after action for your blind result. We can choose to think or to act or both. In the real world thinker always takes a role to lead and actor is a follower. What role are you playing now and want to play in the future determines what conditions you will be in the right time to feel.

Fortunately, the fairness and balance of spiritually and material gaining was controlled by a natural law of energy constant. As people evolve as the tools they used are promoted the physical and mental energy spending got different rewarding in materials. The reason why both mental and spiritual are more expensive than the physical energy is that heart and brain live in inside and upside and soft and difficult to take away. Material hardware is only a vector for software. Before the hardware was created software is useless. However, after software sitting in the hardware, the hardware will be a servant for the software.

Manifestation is an existence of energy in different forms. If you do not have a dream or thought for something intelligence can not work out as time flows for your aging. Our intelligence only is a tool as our mind as a goal maker and emotional control as a manager. Attitude determines the height and quality of our dream mansion and spiritual skyscraper.

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