Way2goal: Words are ineffective unless action is taken with purpose
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Way2goal: Leadership is how to think, Management is how to response.
the GOAL is where we want to go.

to know our GOAL is our own business, to find the WAY to GOAL maybe need a help. if the GOAL is to go back to our homeland, we know the WAY more than others. However, when we have a new GOAL, the WAY maybe different.

the long-term GOAL keeps us to perform well for the short-term one. the short-term GOAL paves the path to the long-term one.

the long-term GOAL should be made based upon your nature, while the short-term GOAL needs your intellect more.

if the GOAL is right, the WAY will be a happy journey. how long the WAY is dependent on luck and wisdom.

realization of GOAL is success, fulfillment of duty is richness. being happy with the successful and rich is helpful to reach the long-term GOAL, unhappiness with above both is a remindness of the wrong of GOAL.

realization of your GOAL based on your nature (genius), and of what disciplines (habits) and education (knowledge) you need for, and how to take action for the right opportunity (changes) needs a consciousness of mind and courageous WISDOM.


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