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Goals of Life

goalThe goal for a person is to be
an expert for making a living,
a master for living a life

and a leader for impacting a genius work.
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Trap Surviving
Crisis and Opportunity
Way To Be Happy, Healthy and Longevity
  1. Happiness have two meanings. One is a relatively stable status you have and can be out of you. Another is more transient but always inside of you. When you think you should be happy but not, that is what you have built. If you want to be happy then you are happy, that is what you always can create.
  2. by Xianwang Meng
  3. How to be happy ? How to have happiness ? In order to answer this question and solve some problems by which people got confused, I prefer to do this in two ways. In working time You need ambition, shrewdness and aggressiveness to achieve what you want to make a living at a descent level; In spare time you need forgetting what you did for your working, then just be yourself with best breath, drink, and reading without expectation for anything. IF YOU TRY THIS, IT WILL WORK !
  4. by Xianwang Meng
  5. Self-cultivation: When we have made decision and everything is under control, i.e. we have considered all the possibility and will take action wisely, we still expect luck that we think existed beyond our capability. In order to avoid bad luck, what we can do is to prepare ourselves well, to act without procrastination, to heal our wounds consistently, and to conquer the obstacles with perseverance.

    • In order to heal our wounds and avoid mistakes, learn from experts and make tough decision to do in the right way not easy way. Patience is needed more when you know that you are in the right path to purpose than when you are not sure. When you say “I don’t mind”, are you really sure about your judgement is right ? by emotional feeling or rational thinking ? So our growing mature is learning to make your decision with rational thinking not just emotional feeling. There are 3 levels of self-cultivation: 1stly not to do something that should not do, then 2ndly not to say something that should not say, and the finally not to see something that should not to see.
  6. by Xianwang Meng

  7. Too much mind of hope and fear is the cause of stresses. To be prepared in ability and application is the way to get rid of stresses.
  8. by Xianwang Meng

  9. We work five days a week. This is what we can for the way to answer the question “how to” do what you want to. We do not worry that much when we are working the routines. Sometime we feel frustrated when we did not get what we expected. This is fine because most of us have the same experience about job difficulties. We do not need to think that that’s our failure before we finally decide to give up trying.
  10. by Xianwang Meng

  11. If you want to be happy with what you are doing as your job, you need some freedom during your working days. How to get your freedom ? That’s independence and confidence. You need to control yourself for what you must do and lead yourself to do something that you do not have to do. Furthermore you can do it and transform it into something that your leader want to do but forget. Therefore, you have done some job to answer the question “what” and “why” to do . This kind of accomplishment is more valuable than just “how to” do.
  12. by Xianwang Meng
  13. Shortcut: It usually takes very long time and lot energy to find shortcut and to learn how to use.
  14. by Xianwang Meng

  15. Education: Masterpieces are used as textbooks, but masters usually are self-made not by education.
  16. by Xianwang Meng

  17. Memory: I have a bad memory because I only remember what is needed to do, then just do it.
  18. by Xianwang Meng

  19. Freedom and liberty: I have absolute freedom to think inward to myself, and I need liberty to release me from the falling force due to greed and fears.
  20. by Xianwang Meng

  21. Science: Nature can be seen as a book written by GOD while science as a notebook written by human to understand GOD’s handwritings.
  22. by Xianwang Meng

  23. Reputation: The safe way to avoid becoming infamous is not to try gaining without labor.
  24. by Xianwang Meng

  25. Job: The best job is the most rewardable, so-called “less work, more rewards”. The ideal job is what you want to do so that you do not mind too much about the rewards.
  26. by Xianwang Meng

  27. Value: Because both personal value and stress come from being required, so what is the meaning of living, being required or asking for ?
  28. by Xianwang Meng

  29. Routines: Keeping routines gives security, but to have freedom must find out the secrets beyond the routines.
  30. by Xianwang Meng

  31. Truth: Mostly it was taken by what seems, but what have been seen and heard may not be the truth. Because of the difference of knowledge and experience, when you are shown the truth, although you can see the phenomena and hear the story, you still cannot understand completely.
  32. by Xianwang Meng

  33. Foundation: Science is based on demonstration by evidence of senses and logic reasoning. Mathematics is by only logic not senses, which is all sciences based on to be founded.
  34. by Xianwang Meng

  35. Change: To be changed by circumstances as an individual while to change as a community.

  36. by Xianwang Meng
  37. Light: Life absorbs energy from light then grows in darkness, afterwards, degrades in light then dies to darkness.
  38. by Xianwang Meng

  39. Force: Force from light is powerful to life but not forceful to spirit, one from darkness is also powerful but forceful. There are two directions for force, one is to live, another is to evil. We need force stored to protect living from evil.
  40. by Xianwang Meng

  41. Arbitrary: Rule is nothing comparing to need, principle to free will, habit to emotion, reason to fool, profit to bubble, civilization to war.
  42. by Xianwang Meng

  43. Prediction for October 2010: The way to study the past is not to confine yourself to the history but to know how to realize the past through the application of the knowledge. (Treasure in the mountains, h26).
  44. by Xianwang Meng

  45. Knowledge as light to disperse the darkness in the long way of life. Wisdom as your sight to use the light to see your way.
  46. by Xianwang Meng

  47. Skills only make a surviving while commitment achieves.
  48. by Xianwang Meng

  49. True love is from spiritual attraction to soul home without reasons while artificial one is from desire to purpose.
  50. by Xianwang Meng

  51. The secrets of master personality include virtue of sage, discipline of warrior, skills of magician and courage of hero.
  52. by Xianwang Meng

  53. The role of education is to let you understand what happened out of you. e.g. It looks that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, however, education let us know that our earth moves around the sun.
  54. by Xianwang Meng

  55. From the way to ask or to answer question it can be seen that the persron who asks want the answer or not, and who answers want to give the answer.
  56. by Xianwang Meng

  57. Natural interest is attraction to objective which matchs intrinsic expectation while artificial one due to recognition of people who engage in with authority.
  58. by Xianwang Meng

  59. Legitimate seductions for emotinal impulses were used as popular marketing means because happiness comes to most of us when the suppression of desire was released.
  60. by Xianwang Meng

  61. Talents basically attribute into two stages of life time: the bravity and strength of junior and the experience and wisdom of senior. Should be the early luck missed, the late fortune also is graspable.
  62. by Xianwang Meng

  63. Life is a one-way path. To choose or not to, will be chosen. Nature and personality determine will-being, habits determine the pattern of path, attitude determines on whom the impacts.
  64. by Xianwang Meng

  65. Love to happiness as water to life, hurt with love like crop’s drowning or drought.
  66. by Xianwang Meng

  67. Understanding depends on the level of knowledges but view only upon the point of standing.
  68. by Xianwang Meng

  69. Clarity by seeing or by hearing is always easier than by saying.
  70. by Xianwang Meng

  71. Ignorance in level of incapability to learn makes less obstacles to civilization than of refusing to.
  72. by Xianwang Meng

  73. Deliberate dealing with tough person can be a lucky application of strong muscles of wisdom.
  74. by Xianwang Meng

  75. To learn how to use own intelligence is an easy way to be wise and happy.
  76. by Xianwang Meng

  77. To decide to be a hero, to plan to be a magician, to be disciplined to be a worrior, to study to be a scholar. To be a saint, however, to be all together.
  78. by Xianwang Meng

  79. The way of success between COPY other’s and CREATE your own is absolutely opposite. One is of knowledge, another of ignorance.

  80. by Xianwang Meng

  81. Personality and intellect are my self, knowledge and courage are my hands, and wisdom and strength are my habits. I can be content with my wisdom and courage, but never satisfied with my knowledge and strength.
  82. by Xianwang Meng

  83. Let people to realize virtue as a function of personal system, energy and time will be saved for education and culture to make a world of goodness.
  84. by Xianwang Meng

  85. The right way usually is one difficult not easy, as the goal is straight ahead but the road is rugged.
  86. by Xianwang Meng

  87. Image what we want, discipline the skills to hew the part what we do not want, and persist in patience to see the picture developed with our labors.
  88. by Xianwang Meng

  89. We have one more choice than water: to go back in space not in time.
  90. by Xianwang Meng

  91. Worry to lose because of your possession. Worry to fail because you are in a higner position. If you know that you will give what you have to someone who need more seriously than you and that you have prepared yourself more than enough for your postion requires, the worry will be gone.
  92. by Xianwang Meng

  93. What’s destiny? To choose or to be chosen. The truth is that there is freedom to choose but the realty is that it is limited to choose from. The art is to be able to choose and choose the best.
  94. by Xianwang Meng

  95. Some thought they were lucky because they were chosen well, other thought they were lucky because they chose well.
  96. by Xianwang Meng

  97. How to do with upset, it only reminds you need to learn and grow in your moral capacity.
  98. by Xianwang Meng

  99. To have a religion is one stop on the way to spiritual freedom as to have a job for making a living before realization of financial freedom.
  100. by Xianwang Meng

  101. To be an expert is an opportunity you choose to do something mostly by yourself, to be a manager is to organize everything and people interaction under control, to be a master is to educate people to be a leader who can do the right thing in any environment with the best performance.
  102. by Xianwang Meng

  103. Crisis brings opportunity to experience the big changes in both directions.
  104. by Xianwang Meng

  105. Opportunity is that something new has been started to evolve but not complete.
  106. Moderation is the final art for happiness, health and wisdom.
  107. by Xianwang Meng
  108. Circumstances were as much as possibly limited by scientists to prove something while delimited by businessmen to sell something.
  109. by Xianwang Meng
  110. Both in a natural way, Tao tells science, and Zen tells art, while Confucius in an artificial way tells how to be a natural person.
  111. by Xianwang Meng

  112. Motion changes the requirment for space. It stimulates expansion but makes people more endurable for the small due to transformation of sense focus.
  113. by Xianwang Meng

  114. Understanding not philosophy gives freedom for happiness because the courage to depth and truth is more essential than the flexibility to escape.
  115. by Xianwang Meng

  116. You are poor because you are lazy; You will die soon if you are too greedy.
  117. by Xianwang Meng

  118. You can find yourself only when you have to make a choice.
  119. by Xianwang Meng

  120. You become old because you reject what are new and always accumulate what are not useful. The way to be mature and young is to keep open-minded and learning new. KEEP IN MIND: The fresh is necessary for healthiness, foods, air, knowledge and thinking.
  121. by Xianwang Meng

  122. When you think about what is the value of life and the meaning of living, the best answer is to stop thinking and to start to do something. Because there are too many different real answers that is not specific for you, or only one true answer that is beyond your understanding. Someday you will realize that your question for your own life only can be answered by yourself after you have experienced your life completely.
  123. by Xianwang Meng

  124. As time flows our age goes higher in number, our thought goes deeper to sources. In our life path as a spiral, highness of happiness depends more upon spiritual than upon emotional or intelligence.
  125. by Xianwang Meng

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