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Now is our living and future is for.
Beauty is present Goodness, Truth is future Goodness.

Individual Investor Institute (III)
the WAY to investment
  1. Invest only to the young and growing for a long term potential and unlimited capacity, trade to the inertia trend in well defined pattern for short term.
  2. by Xianwang Meng

  3. Investment needs foresight, wisdom and patience.
  4. by Xianwang Meng

  5. Trading needs experience, flexibility and resolution.
  6. by Xianwang Meng

  7. Investment is not for short term reward, trading is.
  8. by Xianwang Meng

  9. Investment is personal, requires disciplines; trading is professional, needs training.
  10. by Xianwang Meng

  11. Everyday has two things, one is to do what planned yesterday, another to prepare what you need to do tomorrow.
  12. by Xianwang Meng

  13. An investor can do something speculative very successfully and people misunderstand that is an investment.
  14. by Xianwang Meng

  15. Warren Buffett compared investing in stock as making a big snowball which needs a long slope and very wet snows: the former is a highly growing company and the latter is crisis.
  16. by Xianwang Meng

  17. Financial crisis took place in America in around 2010, why inflation is favoring China, not America ? The reason is that America has transfered the inflation to China.
  18. by Xianwang Meng

  19. Knowledge in the past form for preparation, information in the future form for action, wisdom with no form for moderation.
  20. by Xianwang Meng

  21. What is the mechanism for tranfering the inflation ? America printed lots of Green Papers as America currency to exchange goods from China, then China also printed equal amount of Chinese currency to dilute the flowing-in America money. The result is that there are too much money and less goods left in China.
  22. by Xianwang Meng

  23. When is the right time to buy in ? What is the right stock to buy at the right time ? Think how long will take the recession in US and how much will slow down the China GDP in the coming years. Both US and China are printing more and more money, and the two cannot stay alone right now. So, the October 2011 or the end of year is the right time to buy something that have formed double bottom and has trend to breakout the bottoms.
  24. by Xianwang Meng

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