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Bubble is a by-product produced as wave waves. The bigger the wave is, the higher the bubble goes.

Bubble is filled with and floating in air. No matter how big or small it will break when the outside air is diluted enough or stabbed by a hard and sharp real thing.

There is a wave, there is a bubble. Wave is nature and easily be seen. Wave has cycles and moves with a rule. Bubble follows waves but it is difficult to see before it become big as the wave waves strong. Bubble is an offspring of waves. However, bubble can go much higher than waves.

In real life bubble must be blown with air by people as economic bubbles formed with people’s emotions.

In stock market history, both the Holland Tulip Bubble and the England South Sea Bubbles are formed based on people’s irrational faith in some fantasy.

Every stock bubble is a big opportunity for speculators. However, Majority of people will lose most of their capital in the bubble. So that’s why it is called “bubble”.

Every time the designer of the bubble scheme is the only winner. No matter how intelligent you are, you can not survive the bubble if you can not control your emotion within a rational state.

The temptation of profitable trend is difficult to resist by people, especially when some of your buddies have been in a winning status. This is the most painful time when and the most intolerable thing for a man that their buddies will become much richer in a very short time.

Bubble game can give you an exorbitant profit if you can exit just when you are most excited as most of other people, even more crazy before the bubbles break.

Bubble only can be watched beautifully at most of time and for most of people. It consists of air physically and emotion mentally. So it is certain that only very few people can escape with big profit without big hurt feelings.

Mentally, bubble is forming while people outside the game start to jump in because they think that it works for everybody so it must work for themselves.

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