Key differences among three poular cryptocurrencies

BitcoinEthereumDogecoinSymbolBTCETHDOGEYear developed200920152013Initial purposeCreated to be used as a currency or store of valueCreated to sell processing power of the decentralized networkCreated as a joke spoof of Bitcoin and the doge memeApproximate market capitalization*$1.02 trillion$314 billion$41.4 billionNumber of coins*18.69 million115.66 million129.24 billionMaximum number of coins21 millionUnlimited, but issuance is fixedUnlimited * Estimated value as of late April 2021 The rise of NFT Unless stories about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) pop up, it's almost impossible to read the news or scroll through the timeline. Our group believes that it is this self-sustaining attention that is causing people's interest in NFT. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of panel...
Non-fungible Token

How is NFT different from cryptocurrency?

NFT stands for irreplaceable token. It is usually built using the same procedures as cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but this is where the similarity ends. Physical currency and cryptocurrency are "fungible", which means they can be traded or exchanged with each other. They are also equal in value-one dollar is always worth another dollar; one bitcoin is always equal to another bitcoin. The fungibility of cryptocurrency makes it a reliable means of conducting transactions on the blockchain. NFT is different. Each has a digital signature, which makes it impossible for NFTs to be exchanged or equal (hence, irreplaceable)....
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