How to use moving averages, SMA, EMA to trade cryptocurrency

Technical analysis (TA) is nothing new in the world of trading and investing. From traditional portfolios to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the use of TA indicators has a simple goal: use existing data to make more informed decisions that will likely lead to desired outcomes. As markets grow increasingly more complicated, the last decades have produced hundreds of different types of TA indicators, but few have seen the popularity and consistent usage of moving averages (MA). EMA vs SMA An EMA is a moving average with a different distribution curve that places more weight on recent trading periods.As a result, EMAs react...

What Is MONEY ?

Right now, People don't trust the FIAT money. It is the ONLY reason that Cryptocurrency is so HOT. What is the value of money? Right now. Why the price of Bitcoin in USD rises to 60,000? Created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, this digital currency had hit the level of $1 for the first time on 9 February 2011. 19,783 in 17 December 2017. 63,742 in 2 April 2021. 1 bitcoin =100,000,000 satoshis. 1 bitcoin =100 millions satoshis What is the future price of bitcoin ? 1 million dollars, 100 millions dollars (1 satoshi = 1$) ?

Key differences among three poular cryptocurrencies

BitcoinEthereumDogecoinSymbolBTCETHDOGEYear developed200920152013Initial purposeCreated to be used as a currency or store of valueCreated to sell processing power of the decentralized networkCreated as a joke spoof of Bitcoin and the doge memeApproximate market capitalization*$1.02 trillion$314 billion$41.4 billionNumber of coins*18.69 million115.66 million129.24 billionMaximum number of coins21 millionUnlimited, but issuance is fixedUnlimited * Estimated value as of late April 2021 The rise of NFT Unless stories about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) pop up, it's almost impossible to read the news or scroll through the timeline. Our group believes that it is this self-sustaining attention that is causing people's interest in NFT. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of panel...

Crypto Trading in Canada

Two ways to invest in Crypto: Buy Crypto ETFs or Business of Miners

  • BUY ETFs or Business
Bitcoin ETFEther ETFMinersQEG(yoy)(%)QRG(yoy)(%)HDOL
HIVE.V40817325,000 ETH
1003 BTC
HUTN/A2634240 BTC
N/A3981678 BTC
564 ETH

QEG, Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy)

QRG, Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy)

(Data From Yahoo Finance)

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