Key differences among three poular cryptocurrencies

BitcoinEthereumDogecoinSymbolBTCETHDOGEYear developed200920152013Initial purposeCreated to be used as a currency or store of valueCreated to sell processing power of the decentralized networkCreated as a joke spoof of Bitcoin and the doge memeApproximate market capitalization*$1.02 trillion$314 billion$41.4 billionNumber of coins*18.69 million115.66 million129.24 billionMaximum number of coins21 millionUnlimited, but issuance is fixedUnlimited * Estimated value as of late April 2021 The rise of NFT Unless stories about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) pop up, it's almost impossible to read the news or scroll through the timeline. Our group believes that it is this self-sustaining attention that is causing people's interest in NFT. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of panel...
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Login Test Case Sample

Module Name: LoginCreated by PMCreatition Date: May 02 2021 Reviewed By Leader/Peers Reviewed Date : May 02 2021 Project Name: w2g Test Senario ID Test Senario Description Test Case ID Test Case Description Steps Preconditions Test Data Post conditions Expected Results Actual Results Status Executed By Executed Date Comments (if any) TS_W_001 Verifying the login function of Way2goal login page TC_W_Login_001 Enter a valid username&valid password 1.Enter valid username 2, Enter valid password3, Click on Login button Valid URLTest Data Username: w2g@gmail.comPassword:  pass@words User shouldsee the homepage Successful login   Pass Test_T002 12-May-21 No Comments TS_W_001 Verifying the login function of Way2goal login...
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