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  • Free book for 5 days: Metadom: A Fantasy Novel
    Metadom: A Fantasy Novel (Fantasy Metadom) Kindle Edition Benefit Type Marketplace Start End Status Free Book Promotion Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 12:00 AM PDT Sunday, March 17, 2024, 11:59 PM PDT Scheduled A Fantasy Novel ( Kindle Edition)Metadom Parallel Integrity Share Interest
  • Benefits from 2024
    Benefits from 2024 Rally of Bitcoin AI starts new golden bubble of speculative trading Bottom out of world economy and new production relationship 30% discounts for this book now 📚 Limited Time Offer: 30% Discount on “Parallel Integrity”! 🌟 Embark on a transformative journey through the pages of “Parallel Integrity,” a captivating exploration into the […]
  • Lucks in the year of Dragon
    Dragon Wall 2024 Orange Share Interest
  • 2024年:值年雷火丰卦
    2023 风火家人卦 + 2024年雷火丰卦 风火家人卦,是《易经》中的第37卦。 它由下卦(离)和上卦(巽)组成。 它象征着一个管理良好的家庭的和谐与秩序,每个成员都有适当的角色和责任,而女人在维持内心的稳定和温暖方面发挥着至关重要的作用。 此卦劝人修身养德,遵守家庭和社会的规范和礼仪。 它还建议一个人应该与他人进行有效和尊重的沟通,并寻求长辈和导师的指导和支持12 雷火丰卦,是《易经》中的第55卦。 它由下卦(离)和上卦(震)组成。 它象征着繁荣和成功的巅峰,享受着自己努力和成就的果实,拥有强大的影响力和声誉。 此卦告诫人们不可自满、傲慢,要警惕因嫉妒、反对或衰落而可能产生的危险和挑战。 它还建议一个人应该与他人分享自己的财富和智慧,并寻求造福共同利益34 这两个卦有一些相似之处,也有一些不同之处。 两者的下卦都是火卦,代表光明、清明、热情。 两者也都预示着一种积极吉祥的局面,人们可以享受幸福和满足。 然而,它们也有一些差异。 家卦中的风(巽)代表温柔、灵活、适应性强;丰卦中的雷(震)代表运动、力量、主动。 家卦更注重生活的内在方面,如性格、人际关系、道德等,而丰卦则更注重生活的外在方面,如成就、名誉、财富等。 风火家人卦, or Wind over Fire: The Family, is the 37th hexagram in the I Ching. It consists of a lower trigram of fire (离) and an upper trigram of wind (巽). It symbolizes the harmony […]
  • How to find a proof for my ideas for rainbow color iMAc I gave Steve Jobs by email?
    I am sure that I send a suggestion to Steve Job for making rainbow color iMAC series by email ( in 1998. I did take it serious after the colorful iMAC came out even now. I just wonder that If possible to find a tread for this ? I think that I used email address […]
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