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A fintech behind the first ‘crypto mortgage’ sees a multi-billion dollar market in allowing borrowers to pledge their bitcoin to gain access to the real estate market
A fintech behind the first ‘crypto mortgage’ sees a multi-billion dollar market in allowing borrowers to pledge their bitcoin to gain access to the real estate market (
Credit Crisis
He cited Amazon’s decision to ban Visa credit cards in the UK due to high transaction fees as one reason for his view.

Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya says Visa and Mastercard will be the biggest business failures in 2022, losing out to altcoin-linked projects
December 2021
Should the Bitcoin price be $0? Ex-Google engineer on top cryptos to invest
Should the Bitcoin price be $0? Ex-Google engineer on top cryptos to invest  | Kitco News

A fintech expert’s top 6 crypto predictions: Bitcoin hitting $100,000 is ‘ambitious but hardly insane’

How to mine cryptos like bitcoin, ether, and doge: Your complete guide to the tech setups, potential profits, and risks involved

A Thai tech company surged nearly 7,000% after pivoting to bitcoin mining, despite only making 8 coins to date

Crypto mining has continued to gain popularity this year, and even some at-home miners are saying it is a great opportunity to jump in on the action. Enthusiasm from firms like Jasmine Technology Solution has surged despite data showing that 90% of all bitcoins have now been mined.

Credit unions are reportedly looking for regulatory approval to hold crypto assets

12-23-2021 Bitcoin Miner TeraWulf Buys 15,000 Computers for Upstate N.Y. Facility

Elon Musk hints he’s a dogecoin fan because bitcoin just gives power to new rich people

Cryptocurrency wealth is creating a new generation of luxury consumers in the US, Jefferies says

Institutional Bitcoin Broker NYDIG Valued at $7B in Whopping $1B Funding Round

CoinShares data showed that bitcoin managed to show inflows of $51 million, its 13th straight week of inflows that puts its year-to-date net total to $6.5 billion.
Ethereum saw minor outflows totalling $17 million last week, the first time following six weeks of inflows, although it reflects only 0.09% of assets under management. CoinShares believes this is likely not meaningful.
Cryptocurrencies show net inflows last week despite price declines

12-06-2021 Bitcoin holds steady below $50,000 in volatile weekend trading
12-08-2021 CIA Director: Duh, Of Course, the CIA Is Into Cryptocurrency
Market Cap
November 2021
11-28-2021 Cryptocurrencies brace for winter, virtual Adidas and a bitcoin city

11-14 -2021 Bitcoin’s Biggest Upgrade in Four Years Just Happened – Here’s What Changes

There’s a huge new pool of money that could be about to juice the bitcoin market, crypto ETF expert says

4 Reasons to Avoid Bitcoin Like the Plague
Funny Relationship–Fears
11-26-2021 Digital currencies are falling in tandem with other risk assets amid panic over a new, heavily-mutated variant of the coronavirus first detected in South Africa.

Bitcoin slides, metaverse coins hammered as fears about new COVID variant drive investors to dump crypto

Who say about bitcoin
11-19-2021 Hillary Clinton says cryptocurrency has the potential to destabilize nations and traditional currencies

11-22-2021 El Salvador plans first ‘Bitcoin City’, backed by bitcoin bonds

11-19-2021 Bitcoin heads for worst week in months as Mt Gox payouts loom

11-18-2021 A small city in North Dakota is jumping further into crypto with the installation of the first government-backed ATM in a US airport

11-17-2021 Bitcoin and ether slide for a second day, weighing on altcoins, as investors cash in on crypto record highs

11-16-2021 Bitcoin slips below $60,000 for the first time in more than two weeks

Most investors expect bitcoin to remain between $50,000 to $75,000 in the next 12 months, according to BofA Securities’ monthly fund manager survey, while 59% believe bitcoin is in a bubble.

Bitcoin (BTC) drops below $60,000 as major cryptocurrencies fall (

Crypto miner Marathon Digital Holdings is borrowing $500 million to buy bitcoin


Who Own Crypto
11-09-2021 Tim Cook Reveals He Owns Cryptocurrency and Has Been ‘Interested in It For a While’
tim cook apple park
Institutional Adoption
Oct 5, 2021
Is Institutional Crypto Adoption Still In The ‘Early Stages’?

Sep 25, 2020 Institutional Companies Investing in Bitcoin and Exploring Crypto
Crypto Exchange
11-23-2021 Binance in talks with sovereign wealth funds as it seeks investments

11-19-2021 Binance’s U.S. unit may raise a “couple hundred million” dollars in a funding round set to close in a month or two and the global cryptocurrency exchange has also decided on a new headquarters,

11-17-2021 The CEO of Binance says he doesn’t ‘get’ meme tokens like dogecoin, but they demonstrate the power of decentralization
Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, speaks at the Delta Summit, Malta's official Blockchain and Digital Innovation event promoting cryptocurrency, in St Julian's, Malta October 4, 2018.

Binance co-founder and CMO Yi He
The co-founder of Binance talks regulation, global growth of crypto markets, and the firm’s search for a physical headquarters

Crypto security can be a pain, but a few safeguards will go a long way

A Coinbase user lost $11.6 million in under 10 minutes after falling for a fake-notification scam, the US Attorneys Office said
Criminal News
Spanish businessman tortured to steal his bitcoin fortune
Security effects
Job Market News
11-08-2021 Massachusetts towns offer snowplow drivers up to $310 an hour, fearing that the labor shortage may force winter school delays

Survey finds lower-paid workers are quitting jobs thanks to crypto profits
Bitcoin, Ethereum and NFT
11-09-2021 News Bites
Singapore’s central bank ‘frowns on crypto,’ warns of ‘significant losses’ as bitcoin and ethereum scale record bull rallies

11-09-2021 Crypto fever has gripped markets this year, making stars out of dogecoin, shiba inu and solana, with investors pouring a record $8.9 billion into digital coins – more than in all of 2020: CoinShares

11-08-2021 Ether hits fresh record high and bitcoin surges, sending total crypto market cap to $3 trillion for the first time

11-06-2021 An ethereum futures ETF will be available before one that holds bitcoin directly – and approval could come in the 1st quarter of 2022, Bloomberg analysts say

11-04-2021 2 Cryptocurrencies That Are Better Than Dogecoin or Shiba Inu
11-04-2021 Bitcoin Rally: US$100,000 or Another Slump?

El Salvador Is Building 20 New Schools. With Bitcoin Profits?

Goldman Sachs sees ethereum rallying 80% to $8,000 within two months if it keeps tracking inflation

Massive NFT collection crashes after creator’s racist cartoons unearthed – CNET

Ethereum just hit an all-time high of above $4,400 after a recent upgrade.

3 Cryptocurrencies That Might Outperform Bitcoin in 2022

Crypto traders are bidding to own an NFT so they can touch a ‘pleasurable’ 2,000-pound tungsten cube
Believe Cryptos
ALT Coins
What is shiba inu coin? Is there anything real behind its blistering rally, or is it pure hype?

SHIB Flippened DOGE With $160M in ‘Smart Money’ Backing Latest Pump, Blockchain Data Shows
Smart Money

Crypto Search Trends

  • 山姆·奥特曼(Sam Altman): 给年轻人的建议
    山姆·奥特曼给年轻人的第一个建议,是怎么选工作。可以简单归纳成四个词:才能、兴趣、需求、价值。找到一份合适的工作,最好的方法是找到这四个词的交集:你擅长的,你喜欢的,世界需要的,以及对这个世界有价值的。山姆还提到,在进行职业选择的时候,有一个很有用的框架,那就是影响最大化和遗憾最小化。一个好的决定,最好这两个条件都能满足。 第二个建议是如何实现成功,这里有三个词比较关键,那就是专注、人际网络,以及自信。想实现目标,就要把这三个因素结合起来。山姆还建议我们在思考职业生涯的时候,要有点儿“复利思维”,如果你在职业生涯起步的时候,肯花很多的时间投入进去,并且每天都有进步,那么你会在工作上做得更好。复利带来的效果,会让你的整个职业生涯都受益。 第三个建议是怎么做才能扩大你的人际网络。山姆说,如果你想找到那些和你一样的人,你需要的是不断地做出改变。还有一点,就是你要学会帮助他人。你在年轻的时候,人际网络可能比较小,这会让你的选择有些窄。但当你不计回报地帮助别人的时候,你就会和更多的人产生连接。 第四个建议说的是什么时候该放弃。有的人在做一件事情的时候,如果几个星期或者几个月都没搞定,他们就会放弃。山姆认为这样的放弃太早了。如果有人说你做的事情不行,你就把它当成是一个意见反馈,但不要受它的影响。这时候你要做的不是放弃,而是改进你做事的方法。山姆说,其实很难说什么时候放弃是正确的,但有一个时候你可以考虑放弃,那就是当你已经想不出任何可以尝试的方法,你觉得自己已经到了山穷水尽的地步了,那就应该放弃,结束你正在做的工作,放松一下,然后几个月之后去尝试新的东西。 第五个建议和风险有关。大多数人都不太愿意承担风险。但山姆认为,一定要敢于承担更多的风险,尤其是你刚开始工作的时候。年轻和默默无闻其实是一个重要的竞争优势,因为这时候你几乎没有什么可以失去的。就算你失败了,也不要担心有什么问题,因为在生活中遇到的危机越多,下一次再遇到危机的时候,你害怕的就会越少。 山姆的第六个建议是,工资不能让你变得很富有。他说自己年轻的时候,觉得挣个不错的薪水就能变得富有。但是后来他意识到,想要致富,正确的方法应该是拥有价值能上涨的东西,比如股份。市场上还有一个很重要的套利机会,那就是“时间”。人们都希望在很短的时间赚到钱,所以一些长期的机会往往被忽视了。山姆说,正是这些机会帮他赚到了钱。所以和短期机会相比,长期的增长能让你赚到更多钱。你最好是在早期就去找这样的机会,如果失败了,没关系,你还可以继续尝试。 Share Interest
  • Smile No Matter 2002-2012-2022
    Sometimes we all get stuck in our head When our thoughts can feel like a dead-end When our minds are in a spiral of woe We can take a step back and let it go Take a few […]
  • 约翰·洛克菲勒的金钱名言
    买在无人问津处,卖在人声鼎沸时  把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里,. 然后认真地看好这个篮子 假如人际沟通能力也是同糖或咖啡一样的商品的话,我愿意付出比太阳底下任何东西都昂贵的价格购买这种能力 如果你想成功,你应该走上新的道路,而不是走被公认的成功之路 不要害怕为了追求伟大而放弃好的东西 Share Interest
  • 在线教育或真实学校的想法
    在线:开发一个在线平台,让学生可以使用各种数字工具实时协作和合作。 该平台将为学生提供共同完成作业、协作项目和分享想法的能力。 它还可以让教师监控学生的进步、评估他们的工作并提供反馈。 真实学校:创造一个创新的学习环境,让学生在真实场景中探索、实验和应用概念。 环境将包括交互式学习活动、实践项目和参与基于技术的活动。 它还将为教师提供提供个性化指导和支持的机会,以确保所有学生都取得成功。 idea for education online or real school Online: Develop an online platform that allows students to collaborate and work together in real time using a variety of digital tools. The platform would […]
  • 《否极泰来》
    歌词: 苍穹深处有一只鸟唱着开启世界的歌嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎否极泰来无穷动 把拥有的一切不计较开心无私的分享嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎否极泰来无穷动 友谊的种子在晴天里种植爱的花朵在芬芳开放嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎否极泰来无穷动 即使风暴来袭 也不怕烦恼与忧伤 我们共同携手嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎嘎否极泰来无穷动 No discouragement, no matter how great, will ultimately prevent progress. Too be to lyrics: There is a bird deep in the skysing the song that opened the worldquack quack quack quackNo […]

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