New Capitalism,Tend 2 2025,價值投資,元金融: 三個第一原理: 1 借貸就是吸塵器 2 投行就是槓桿 2 股市就是虹吸,機器人+區塊鏈=新生產關係

虎年的三個問題?Three questions for the Year of the Tiger?


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Crypto Emotions

A fintech behind the first ‘crypto mortgage’ sees a multi-billion dollar market in allowing borrowers to pledge their bitcoin to gain access to the real estate market
A fintech behind the first ‘crypto mortgage’ sees a multi-billion dollar market in allowing borrowers to pledge their bitcoin to gain access to the real estate market (
Credit Crisis
He cited Amazon’s decision to ban Visa credit cards in the UK due to high transaction fees as one reason for his view.

Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya says Visa and Mastercard will be the biggest business failures in 2022, losing out to altcoin-linked projects
December 2021
Should the Bitcoin price be $0? Ex-Google engineer on top cryptos to invest
Should the Bitcoin price be $0? Ex-Google engineer on top cryptos to invest  | Kitco News

A fintech expert’s top 6 crypto predictions: Bitcoin hitting $100,000 is ‘ambitious but hardly insane’

How to mine cryptos like bitcoin, ether, and doge: Your complete guide to the tech setups, potential profits, and risks involved

A Thai tech company surged nearly 7,000% after pivoting to bitcoin mining, despite only making 8 coins to date

Crypto mining has continued to gain popularity this year, and even some at-home miners are saying it is a great opportunity to jump in on the action. Enthusiasm from firms like Jasmine Technology Solution has surged despite data showing that 90% of all bitcoins have now been mined.

Credit unions are reportedly looking for regulatory approval to hold crypto assets

12-23-2021 Bitcoin Miner TeraWulf Buys 15,000 Computers for Upstate N.Y. Facility

Elon Musk hints he’s a dogecoin fan because bitcoin just gives power to new rich people

Cryptocurrency wealth is creating a new generation of luxury consumers in the US, Jefferies says

Institutional Bitcoin Broker NYDIG Valued at $7B in Whopping $1B Funding Round

CoinShares data showed that bitcoin managed to show inflows of $51 million, its 13th straight week of inflows that puts its year-to-date net total to $6.5 billion.
Ethereum saw minor outflows totalling $17 million last week, the first time following six weeks of inflows, although it reflects only 0.09% of assets under management. CoinShares believes this is likely not meaningful.
Cryptocurrencies show net inflows last week despite price declines

12-06-2021 Bitcoin holds steady below $50,000 in volatile weekend trading
12-08-2021 CIA Director: Duh, Of Course, the CIA Is Into Cryptocurrency
Market Cap
November 2021
11-28-2021 Cryptocurrencies brace for winter, virtual Adidas and a bitcoin city

11-14 -2021 Bitcoin’s Biggest Upgrade in Four Years Just Happened – Here’s What Changes

There’s a huge new pool of money that could be about to juice the bitcoin market, crypto ETF expert says

4 Reasons to Avoid Bitcoin Like the Plague
Funny Relationship–Fears
11-26-2021 Digital currencies are falling in tandem with other risk assets amid panic over a new, heavily-mutated variant of the coronavirus first detected in South Africa.

Bitcoin slides, metaverse coins hammered as fears about new COVID variant drive investors to dump crypto

Who say about bitcoin
11-19-2021 Hillary Clinton says cryptocurrency has the potential to destabilize nations and traditional currencies

11-22-2021 El Salvador plans first ‘Bitcoin City’, backed by bitcoin bonds

11-19-2021 Bitcoin heads for worst week in months as Mt Gox payouts loom

11-18-2021 A small city in North Dakota is jumping further into crypto with the installation of the first government-backed ATM in a US airport

11-17-2021 Bitcoin and ether slide for a second day, weighing on altcoins, as investors cash in on crypto record highs

11-16-2021 Bitcoin slips below $60,000 for the first time in more than two weeks

Most investors expect bitcoin to remain between $50,000 to $75,000 in the next 12 months, according to BofA Securities’ monthly fund manager survey, while 59% believe bitcoin is in a bubble.

Bitcoin (BTC) drops below $60,000 as major cryptocurrencies fall (

Crypto miner Marathon Digital Holdings is borrowing $500 million to buy bitcoin


Who Own Crypto
11-09-2021 Tim Cook Reveals He Owns Cryptocurrency and Has Been ‘Interested in It For a While’
tim cook apple park
Institutional Adoption
Oct 5, 2021
Is Institutional Crypto Adoption Still In The ‘Early Stages’?

Sep 25, 2020 Institutional Companies Investing in Bitcoin and Exploring Crypto
Crypto Exchange
11-23-2021 Binance in talks with sovereign wealth funds as it seeks investments

11-19-2021 Binance’s U.S. unit may raise a “couple hundred million” dollars in a funding round set to close in a month or two and the global cryptocurrency exchange has also decided on a new headquarters,

11-17-2021 The CEO of Binance says he doesn’t ‘get’ meme tokens like dogecoin, but they demonstrate the power of decentralization
Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, speaks at the Delta Summit, Malta's official Blockchain and Digital Innovation event promoting cryptocurrency, in St Julian's, Malta October 4, 2018.

Binance co-founder and CMO Yi He
The co-founder of Binance talks regulation, global growth of crypto markets, and the firm’s search for a physical headquarters

Crypto security can be a pain, but a few safeguards will go a long way

A Coinbase user lost $11.6 million in under 10 minutes after falling for a fake-notification scam, the US Attorneys Office said
Criminal News
Spanish businessman tortured to steal his bitcoin fortune
Security effects
Job Market News
11-08-2021 Massachusetts towns offer snowplow drivers up to $310 an hour, fearing that the labor shortage may force winter school delays

Survey finds lower-paid workers are quitting jobs thanks to crypto profits
Bitcoin, Ethereum and NFT
11-09-2021 News Bites
Singapore’s central bank ‘frowns on crypto,’ warns of ‘significant losses’ as bitcoin and ethereum scale record bull rallies

11-09-2021 Crypto fever has gripped markets this year, making stars out of dogecoin, shiba inu and solana, with investors pouring a record $8.9 billion into digital coins – more than in all of 2020: CoinShares

11-08-2021 Ether hits fresh record high and bitcoin surges, sending total crypto market cap to $3 trillion for the first time

11-06-2021 An ethereum futures ETF will be available before one that holds bitcoin directly – and approval could come in the 1st quarter of 2022, Bloomberg analysts say

11-04-2021 2 Cryptocurrencies That Are Better Than Dogecoin or Shiba Inu
11-04-2021 Bitcoin Rally: US$100,000 or Another Slump?

El Salvador Is Building 20 New Schools. With Bitcoin Profits?

Goldman Sachs sees ethereum rallying 80% to $8,000 within two months if it keeps tracking inflation

Massive NFT collection crashes after creator’s racist cartoons unearthed – CNET

Ethereum just hit an all-time high of above $4,400 after a recent upgrade.

3 Cryptocurrencies That Might Outperform Bitcoin in 2022

Crypto traders are bidding to own an NFT so they can touch a ‘pleasurable’ 2,000-pound tungsten cube
Believe Cryptos
ALT Coins
What is shiba inu coin? Is there anything real behind its blistering rally, or is it pure hype?

SHIB Flippened DOGE With $160M in ‘Smart Money’ Backing Latest Pump, Blockchain Data Shows
Smart Money

Crypto Search Trends

  • 抖音好視頻 什麼是格局 抖音好视频 什么是格局
    抖音好視頻 什麼是格局 抖音好视频 什么是格局
  • 婚姻是金融,合作共贏
    婚姻是金融,合作共贏。婚姻是金融,合作共赢 via @YouTube — 元金融 (@signalcross) April 14, 2022 婚姻是必需的嗎?婚姻是必需的吗? via @YouTube — Liam (@signalcross) April 13, 2022 Share Interest
  • 正負能量
    正負能量是媒體的特徵,看你怎麼用。 正负能量是媒体的特征,看你怎么用 via @YouTube — Liam (@signalcross) April 13, 2022 貝萊德和富達投資加密公司 Circle 的 4 億美元融資 Blackrock, Fidelity to Invest in Crypto Firm Circle’s $400 Million Funding Round Share Interest
  • 自闭症谱系障碍 图解
    为自闭症儿童的父母平反:教养方式不会直接导致自闭症 图解ADHD·阿斯伯格·自闭症教养 自闭症患者家长资源工具 谱系障碍. (ASD)?. 自闭症患者通常出现:. 社交与情感障碍。 无法正常交谈或无法发起或回应社会互动。 无法使用或理解手势,有时没有面部表情,. 如不会眼神交流。 自闭症谱系障碍事实、干预, 和资源 帕特里夏·芬德利,苏珊·默克尔 及 珊塔·莫士德 《社交技能培训手册:70节沟通和情绪管理训练课》:破解孤独症儿童的社交困境 Share Interest
  • 巴菲特的持股
    沃倫巴菲特的伯克希爾哈撒韋公司已經開始持有科技硬件股票惠普公司的主要股份,成為這家個人電腦和打印機製造商的最大股東。 證券備案文件顯示,伯克希爾哈撒韋購買了近 1.21 億股惠普股票。 根據該股週三的收盤價,該股份價值約 42 億美元,約佔股份的 11%。 消息傳出後,惠普股價週四在盤前交易中上漲了 15% 以上。 Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway reveals major stake in HP Inc., tech stock soars 15% ( Stock Company Name % of Portfolio AAPL Apple Inc 47.60% BAC Bank […]

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