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Don’t Force Anything – Alan Watts Wu Wei Don't Force Anything - Alan Watts Wu Wei Transcript: There is a principle called Wu Wei. Wu means non or not, no, negation. Wei has a combination of meanings. It can mean action, making, but the best translation I have found for it is forcing. And so Wu Wei is the principle of not forcing in anything that you do. Now we know when we watch any performance of an artist, be it a dancer or an actor, or a musician, we know immediately when the performance is forced. And we say it doesn’t ring true, it’s too artificial,...


套利(英語:arbitrage,又称套戥),是一種投資策略,通常指在某种实物资产或金融资产(在同一市场或不同市场)拥有两个价格的情况下,以较低的价格买进,较高的价格卖出,从而获取低風險的收益。 In economics and finance, arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets. For example, an arbitrage opportunity is present when there is the possibility to instantaneously buy something for a low price and sell it for a higher price. 什么是套利交易? 套利交易是一种在某个市场中购买资产,同时在另一市场中出售,来产生利润的交易策略,通常是在不同交易所交易相同资产来完成的。理论上讲,金融工具之间的价格差应为零,因为实际上他们就是完全相同的资产。套利交易者(或套利机构)面临的挑战不仅在于发现这些价格差异,同时也要能够迅速进行交易。其他套利交易者也会看到这种价格差异(价差),因此获利的窗口通常会很快消失。 关键是由于套利交易通常风险较低,回报也通常很低。这意味着套利交易者不仅需要迅速采取行动,而且还需要大量资金才能有可观的获利。 您可能想知道加密货币交易员可以使用哪种套利交易策略。有一些类型可以直接获利,因此我们直接使用它。 套利交易

What is NICHE for as a trader?

In ecology, a niche is the match of a species to a specific environmental condition. It describes how an organism or population responds to the distribution of resources and competitors and how it in turn alters those same factors.

For a person a niche can be explained as a personal nature for responding to changes.

How to find and define your niche that is adaptable in a crypto financial environment?

I use five letters to initiate the coverage to meaning of NICHE.

Narrow competition
Interested talents
Cause intelligence
Hard temper
Earning guts

Narrow competition is to avoid high completion by utilizing personal talents. Awareness of self strength in facing the temporal changes around you and is the first advantage of personal genius DNA composition.

Interested talents are a complex of personal  expression of physics and mentality in this era. Where you was born and grownup is more important than what is composed in your DNA. In human language is to say the earth in which you seed to bud and become a plant. In another word, where you stayed for a winter season before spring if you immigratd from a place to others like an animal not just a plant.

Cause intelligence is information above temporal knowledge. Top layer of philosophy abridged emotional pulses when facing fears that cause mass scares in common sense.

Hard temper is what you believe is your right path to work only. It is not common to people around and to your inside peaceful mind. Hard temper is a timed state for working on a special job.

Earning guts is self-confidence for enough time of self-training and self-discipline in definite or indefinite games.

For occupational personality niche is a secret. In real social life, the niche is privacy’s behaviors.

The difference between talent and niche is that talent is practical but niche is natural. While talent is beneficial to society, niche is only self-beneficial.

For a trader as an occupation to make a living you need to trade your NICHE repeatedly. You do not care what others do and how to say so that you can narrow the competition automatically. You are interested in what you do no matter what has happened and how bad is the atmosphere around the market so that you know why you are doing and how you feel instinct in this way. From the bottom of your heart you know you are in the right rut leading to your goal informatively and intelligently. You are happy with what you got by trading your niche in an abnormal behavior when you are doing and focus on trading scope. You have self-confidence because you are self-disciplined in this and during this time.

Parallel Roads in Financial Market

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