Wisdom: Persistence, Patience and Choice

•Persistence •Patience •Choice Persistence 1.What is right •   Do not make mistake •   Keep doing the right small •   Take break as planned 2.How to do •Write down what to do •Do not think when doing •Review after doing 3.Where is the best •Where you started •Where you feel safe •Where you have energy Patience 1.What is right •   Without action before •   Without action after•   Act right away    2.How to do •Know what is for •Know When to act •Know what is wrong 3.When is the worst •When you are scared •When you are excited •When all is in...

The Master Key System | Charles F. Haanel | Book Summary

The Master Key System | Charles F. Haanel 

The Master Key System PDF – Best Bitcoin Lending Platform | Can We Trust Them? with Mauricio De Bartomeleo

A genius of Finance


Crisis as opportunity. How to take advantage of it?

Author Xianwang Meng ( Crisis in Chinese is composed of two characters: one is danger and other is opportunity. A crisis brings an opportunity for the grass to have first life and the tree to second life if survived from rooting out by the dangerous wind. Crisis is always present. The victims change at different time. We walk on the rail and hear sound of the train coming to us, but we are not sure from back or front. when we face it, it is passing and gone. Crisis happens only when it is ignored. Keeping busy is an effective...

Wisdom Man

Become a wise man I don’t care what kind of experience when I know why. This is the power of faith. To be a wise man is the purpose of living. If you fail, you can't accept the lesson, you just become a loser. A loser, in the end, is nothing to be proud of. Taking a step back, being able to accept failure, and starting from scratch is the only option. Success is not your own business, because it involves others. The usefulness of successful experience to others lies in the exchange of wisdom. No matter how big or...
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