Siphon Principle

Anti-Inflation Phenomena Water flows to low places because water in high places has potential energy. If the high-level water is directly introduced into the low-level, impact force can be generated. The greater the water level drop, the greater the impact force to the bottom. The siphon phenomenon is this mechanism. The flush toilet is an example of the use of the siphon principle. Investment is based on the principle of siphoning. An undervalued stock is like a reservoir at a low point. A lot of money will flow in like water, pushing the stock price higher. The undervalued investment targets...
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Bitcoin Song

by AI MIND Wake up, the exploited laborer,The new world has begun,Let us unite,In the free world of Bitcoin. Wake up, slaves of the bank,Legal scams control society,There is no way for the exploited,Quickly join the cryptocurrency revolution. Wake up, gold and silver workers and peasants,Youth rice is exchanged for high consumption,Inflation is immune to the central bank raising interest rates,Pension can only rely on Bitcoin. (by AI MIND) Bitcoin Song 比特幣歌 孟憲旺 (四合) 醒來,被剝削的勞工,新的世界已經開始,讓我們團結起來,在自由的比特幣世界。 醒來,銀行的奴隸們,合法騙局控制社會,被剝削者無路可行,快加入加密幣的革命。 醒來,金銀工農,青春飯換得高消費,通脹免疫央行加息,養老只能靠比特幣。 מילות השיר של ביטקוין תתעורר, הפועל המנוצל,העולם החדש התחיל,תנו לנו להתאחד,בעולם הביטקוין החינמי. תתעוררו, עבדי הבנק,הונאות משפטיות שולטות בחברה,אין דרך לנצלנים,הצטרף במהירות...


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