10 rules for commercializing ideas

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Rule 1: Commercialization ———————————————- In Chinese

   sounds a bit nonsense, because not everyone can do things like attracting traffic and making money with advertising.

You must sell something, otherwise the project will always be just a project, not a profitable “product”. Maybe you think that there are so many venture capital companies in the Internet industry that one project can bring you a lot of money, so you don’t need to pay attention. Profit point.

   I do know some people who have never sold anything and make a living from advertising and promotion marketing. But this is only limited to developed countries and regions, and only a handful of companies remaining in the big wave of investment are getting investment. If you think about the Internet industry in other places (translator: China, for example), you can understand why I said this. Unless you start a business with a large amount of money, the first thing you have to think about is how to make a profit.

   Rule 2: Create a product that customers can use to directly or indirectly profit

   This is an extension of Rule 1. How can customers profit from your product? The two main ways are as follows:

  Become a distributor of your products

  Be the beneficiary of your product (for example, when your product is a website design tool or SEO effect analysis tool, or can replace some unnecessary labor)

  Rule 3: Improve user experience and stickiness

   There are many people on Hacker News who post their ideas for verification. Many of them can be called “good ideas”, but this is not enough. The really good idea is this: After the idea is transformed into a product and put on the market, once the user uses it, it cannot get out.

   how to do this?

With demand-oriented design mode, what product can solve or alleviate the problems they encounter for customers, make life easier, design what product, and make the product indispensable-the original problem after the customer leaves the product Return, or new problems arise.

  Rule 4: Improve users’ business models

   After reading Rule 3, you may feel that your thinking cannot be developed, so there is Rule 4.

  A simple way to make products indispensable is to observe which steps or procedures in the business operation model of potential users can be simplified, automated or eliminated, and then help them improve.

   For example, the reminder email of Codecademy, when the user has registered for more than a certain period of time without any learning behavior, Codecademy will send an email to remind the user to learn to write code. If there is no automated solution, employees must manually retrieve user data and send emails in batches. The consequences are obvious. This process will waste a lot of labor and greatly reduce the efficiency of website operation. (The translator pretends that this example is not appropriate, but it is vivid enough, and it may not be easy to understand if it is more realistic.)

   So, if you find the problem that is tormenting the user, and then provide the corresponding solution, the user will pay without hesitation when he tastes the benefits.

   Rule 5: Simplify the sales process

  Traditional sales require person-to-person contact, including multiple handshake, meetings, discussions, etc., as if compared to products, communication is the focus of the sales process. For example, in car sales, buyers need to go through a complicated process and go through many procedures before they can get the car.

The sales simplification I envision includes many aspects, such as online sales. There are many problems that hinder the online sales process, such as time difference, payment methods, product knowledge, etc. For these problems, you should design corresponding solutions, such as hiring employees on shifts. , Conduct product introduction process inspections to employees, etc.

  Rule 6: Use high and new technology at the right time

  This point is more complicated. I think we should give a counterexample to illustrate-GroupOn currently has tens of thousands of employees. The reason is:

   A large number of orders lead to the company’s “hard demand” for sales staff

   GroupOn’s solution to increased workload is simple and rude—hiring more employees. It does not use any automated solutions, so its balance sheet makes the entire company feel at risk.

   The development of science and technology has provided the Internet industry with many solutions to reduce costs and workload. It can be said that if the method is correct, the success is half.

  Ps: At this point, I must point out that if you are designing an online medical record system, please read carefully and adopt the suggestions in this article.

  Rule 7: Reduce dependence on other products or services

  Take the products that rely on the forum as an example——

   It is difficult to build a forum.

   It is very difficult to build a forum where users are happy to speak.

   It is very, very difficult to build a forum that can attract a large number of active users.

   If your product trend is linked to the forum situation, you are subject to great restrictions, and you must ensure that the forum is in good condition. Many products now rely on other services of this kind. If these services cannot be controlled, how can the future of the product be guaranteed?

  Rule 8: Use your familiar knowledge to build products

   The reason why roll call time, Youku, and Tudou are still alive is because of China’s great Internet situation. In the United States, it is almost impossible to create a company that defeats Youtube or Basecamp. (This paragraph is the translator Cos)

   Entrepreneurs have different interests, backgrounds and professional backgrounds, and these elements should be used. PlanScope is a typical example, it is very similar to Basecamp in function, but because entrepreneurs feel that Basecamp does not meet their requirements, they designed this convenient and transparent collaboration platform.

  Rule 9: face up to competitors

   This is not inconsistent with the previous one. Observe your competitors while using your expertise. They are a mirror that reflects your company’s operating conditions and a market vane.

  The next article on the competition.

  Rule 10: Competition is not only about price

   Low-price dumping may cause damage to your company’s reputation. Pricing should follow the 10x rule. If your product is priced at $99/month, you should ensure that the product can bring customers $1,000 in value per month.

  How can we create ten times the value of product pricing?:

   Reduce costs. Now renting servers, storage and buying bandwidth are all cheap. The operating cost of the Basecamp website is only about 1% of 37signals’ total revenue.

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