驢的故事 啟發: 改變命運就是一念之差






驢的故事 啟發: 改變命運就是一念之差

Donkey story

A donkey fell into a dry well. The donkey owner tried to save the donkey, and a few hours later, the donkey was still crying in pain. After careful consideration, the donkey owner decided to give up the old donkey. It wasn’t worth the effort to get it out because it was so old, but the well was full. Not out of pain, people started shoveling dirt into wells.

When the donkey realized his situation, he was very disturbed. But unexpectedly, after a while, the donkey was quiet. He began to shake the dirt off his body, and the donkey shook the dirt to the bottom of the well again and again, and then stood up again. As a result, everyone knew that the donkey came out safely.

Many people always lose their minds in difficult situations. Either exile yourself or go the way you shouldn’t. Overwhelmed by physical or spiritual hardship.

The various difficulties and setbacks encountered in life can not only become the “silt” to bury us, but also become our stepping stone. As long as we are good at using it, we can overcome difficulties and move towards success.

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