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Scrum Testing

Scrum Testing is a testing done in scrum methodology to verify the software application requirements are met. It involves checking non-functional parameters like security, usability, performance etc. There is no active role of tester in the process so it is usually performed by developers with Unit Test. Sometimes dedicated test teams are needed depending on nature & complexity of project.

Scrum Process
There is no active role of Tester in the Scrum Process. 

Testing Activities in Scrum

Sprint Planning

  • In sprint planning, a tester should pick a user-story from the product backlog that should be tested.
  • As a tester, he/she should decide how many hours (Effort Estimation) it should take to finish testing for each of selected user stories.
  • As a tester, he/she must know what sprint goals are.
  • As a tester, contribute to the prioritizing process

Product Backlog vs Sprint Backlog

The Product Owner owns the Product Backlog and the Sprint Backlog is owned by the development team.

A Product Backlog includes a list of tasks required to be completed to achieve the product vision. It replaces the traditional requirements specification artifacts like SRS defined by the IEEE which is more technical in nature. The requirements are mentioned in the form of user stories. The owner of the Product Backlog is the Product Owner or Product Manager. Nevertheless, it is the product owner’s responsibility to own the backlog.

It should be kept updated depending on the changes in the product and the environment. Therefore, it is live and never complete. In other words, it is dynamic and constantly changes as the product evolves.

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Product Backlog Sample

A sprint backlog, on the other hand, can be defined as a subset of the product backlog. It involves only the stories, that need to be achieved during the subsequent sprint. The idea is to commit the team only to those tasks and activities that can be completed during the sprint. Unlike the product backlog, the sprint backlog never changes during the sprint duration. However, a sprint backlog can only be changed during the sprint planning meeting. Once agreed upon, the tasks and activities to complete the backlog items are frozen for the length of the sprint. If there are items left unfinished by the end of the sprint, they will be added back to the product backlog as spillovers.

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Sprint Backlog Sample

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