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Perseverance ————————————— In Chinese

Failure is afraid of perseverance, and perseverance is not afraid of failure. Do you have the spirit of perseverance? Including several aspects:

  1. Self-confidence, self-awareness and a good self-image enable you to believe in yourself, even if there is a supernatural power, you will believe that you will get and use it.
  2. Independent thinking ability and action plan, go its own way, actively refer to other people’s ideas, but make your own decisions, dare to risk the world’s unhappiness.
  3. The purpose is clear and consistent. You really know what you want to become, what you need, and what I can do. Your passion is also where you can achieve in the end.
  4. What do you believe, face yourself honestly, you can act frankly without regret, even if you are dissatisfied, it is within your big purpose and can be ignored.
  5. Be good at adjusting and adapting to the environment, and not be surprised at changes. Temporary depression will not cause depravity, and can quickly recover from the loss. Energetic, sunny and vigorous.
  6. Don’t evade reality, dare to take responsibility, and use charm to attract surrounding support to achieve your goals.
    Seven, there is a beginning and an end.

How to be tenacious?

  1. Be more mature and be responsible for yourself. Dare to take risks and be good at calculating the gains and losses of risks.
  2. Choose encouraging information carefully. Books, movies, magazines.
  3. Pay attention to healthy diet and physical exercise. Maintain a youthful feel and image.
  4. Learn to make decisions. What is true of “other people think” and “self think”?
  5. Not hearsay. Ask an expert for inquiries.
  6. Quit bad habits. Don’t do things that hurt your spirit and consume time.
  7. Be good at forgiving yourself and others.
  8. Take certain risks. Take advantage of the crisis.
  9. Pursue dreams and never give up.

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