Ten secrets of Elon Musk’s efficient work

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Ten secrets of Elon Musk’s efficient work In Chinese
[Ten secrets for his efficient work]

  1. A new day starts with doing the most important work at work
  2. Sincerely accept feedback and criticism
  3. Adhere to first-principles reasoning
  4. Use asynchronous communication
  5. Improve the efficiency of communication
  6. Selective multitasking
  7. Time management accurate to the minute
  8. Dare to set challenging goals for yourself
  9. Cultivate growth mindset
  10. Build an extensive knowledge base
  11. Thinking in the shower

Elon has 6 companies:

1.SpaceX (rocket/satellite/telecommunications)

2.Tesla (electric car)

3.Neuralink (brain nerve interface)

4.The Boring Company (Dug/hyperloop/3D tunnel)

5.Solar City (solar energy)

6.OpenAi (non-profit artificial intelligence research institution)

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