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Investing Habits

Peter Lynch
Legendary investor Peter Lynch breaks with Warren Buffett, warning passive investors they’re losing out
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway plows $267 million into Liberty SiriusXM, boosting its bet on Howard Stern and PandoraElon Musk Book

The Surprising Way to Become Wealthy? Live Like Warren Buffett
(1. He buys used cars
2. He’s not tempted by new gadgets
3. He doesn’t live in a mansion)

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway
plows $267 million into Liberty SiriusXM
, boosting its bet on Howard Stern and Pandora


Elon Musk’s Greatest Inventions
(1. Tesla Motor Company. Possibly one of Musk’s most famous inventions is the Tesla. …
2. Tesla Storage Systems. …
3. SpaceX Reusable Rockets. …
4. Starlink Internet. …
5. Email Payments. …
6. Zip2 City Guides. …
7. SolarCity Corporation. …
8. Neuralink.)

Blue Origin loses legal fight with NASA over SpaceX’s lunar lander contract



Binance CEO: We don’t need to convince Warren Buffett to invest in crypto

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  • 2024年:值年雷火丰卦
    2023 风火家人卦 + 2024年雷火丰卦 风火家人卦,是《易经》中的第37卦。 它由下卦(离)和上卦(巽)组成。 它象征着一个管理良好的家庭的和谐与秩序,每个成员都有适当的角色和责任,而女人在维持内心的稳定和温暖方面发挥着至关重要的作用。 此卦劝人修身养德,遵守家庭和社会的规范和礼仪。 它还建议一个人应该与他人进行有效和尊重的沟通,并寻求长辈和导师的指导和支持12 雷火丰卦,是《易经》中的第55卦。 它由下卦(离)和上卦(震)组成。 它象征着繁荣和成功的巅峰,享受着自己努力和成就的果实,拥有强大的影响力和声誉。 此卦告诫人们不可自满、傲慢,要警惕因嫉妒、反对或衰落而可能产生的危险和挑战。 它还建议一个人应该与他人分享自己的财富和智慧,并寻求造福共同利益34 这两个卦有一些相似之处,也有一些不同之处。 两者的下卦都是火卦,代表光明、清明、热情。 两者也都预示着一种积极吉祥的局面,人们可以享受幸福和满足。 然而,它们也有一些差异。 家卦中的风(巽)代表温柔、灵活、适应性强;丰卦中的雷(震)代表运动、力量、主动。 家卦更注重生活的内在方面,如性格、人际关系、道德等,而丰卦则更注重生活的外在方面,如成就、名誉、财富等。 风火家人卦, or Wind over Fire: The Family, is the 37th hexagram in the I Ching. It consists of a lower trigram of fire (离) and an upper trigram of wind (巽). It symbolizes the harmony […]
  • How to find a proof for my ideas for rainbow color iMAc I gave Steve Jobs by email?
    I am sure that I send a suggestion to Steve Job for making rainbow color iMAC series by email (steave_jobs@apple.com) in 1998. I did take it serious after the colorful iMAC came out even now. I just wonder that If possible to find a tread for this ? I think that I used email address […]
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