Wisdom: Persistence, Patience and Choice



1.What is right

   Do not make mistake

   Keep doing the right small

   Take break as planned

2.How to do

Write down what to do

Do not think when doing

Review after doing

3.Where is the best

Where you started

Where you feel safe

Where you have energy


1.What is right

   Without action before

   Without action after

   Act right away   

2.How to do

Know what is for

Know When to act

Know what is wrong

3.When is the worst

When you are scared

When you are excited

When all is in


1.What is right

   The hard one 1 of 2

   Anyone of many

   Follow the most   

2.How to do

To compare rational

To take instinct

To follow the most

3.When is enough

Fail two continuous

Fail 3 without win

Win all

Wisdom: Persistence, Patience and Choice

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Think as a philosopher. Write as a saint. Act as a warrior. Live a good life as a better person. 像洛克菲勒一樣教誨子女, 像伊隆·马斯克一樣訓練自己。 投資學習沈南鵬。 生活之道在於體驗生命的意義。

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