BTC HODL and Production Update (Sept. 08, 2021)

HIVE is excited to announce that we currently hold over 1,030 green and clean Bitcoins in cold wallet custody.  The Company is pleased to provide the following update on its global BTC growth in production for the current 2022 fiscal year:

April 2021       64 BTC growth
May 2021       73 BTC growth
June 2021      86 BTC growth
July 2021       200 BTC growth
August 2021   234 BTC growth

HODL Update (Aug. 13, 2021)

Presently we have 25,000 ETH in cold wallets and 875 BTC.  We are continuing to HODL all our bitcoins which have been mined with green energy. Our current inventory of coins invested in BTC and ETH are valued at $100 million.  As mentioned in our previous press release, our annual run rate at today’s bitcoin prices and difficulty is approximately $220 million. Our next milestone is to hit 1 Exahash in BTC mining by the end of this month.

HIVE HODL Update (Aug. 13, 2021)

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