Wisdom Man

Become a wise man

I don’t care what kind of experience when I know why. This is the power of faith. To be a wise man is the purpose of living.

If you fail, you can’t accept the lesson, you just become a loser. A loser, in the end, is nothing to be proud of. Taking a step back, being able to accept failure, and starting from scratch is the only option.

Success is not your own business, because it involves others. The usefulness of successful experience to others lies in the exchange of wisdom. No matter how big or small the success is, there will be wisdom.

A wise man can convey wisdom in three ways. Write memoirs, lectures, and teach students.

Confucius has discussed the acquisition of wisdom, one is through reflection, the second is imitating, and the third is experience.

History is data, for which artificial intelligence is better than people. Advertising and service holes can be customized based on historical data.

Becoming better and great is the process of learning and progress, dialogue with wise men, reading, communicating and discussing, and then imitating, practicing and verifying.

Personal experience is the most painful but effective way. Accept everything about yourself, discover your talents, strengths and specialties, and give full play to your strengths to the extreme. This is the way to be a wisdom man.

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