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Parallel Roads

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second is by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest — Confucius

(Philosophy = Love + Wisdom)

In real life, everyone is constantly looking for a formula for success once and for all. Unfortunately, there is no such formula. Fortunately, you can choose a path of achievement that suits your talents and interests.

There are two paths that all successful people must walk. Successful people in every industry can be classified in this way. Among the well-known figures in the investment industry, Warren Buffett and his teacher Benjamin Graham took two different paths.

Buffett is taking the road of entrepreneurship through hands-on practice, and Graham walks the road of teaching and educating people.

The size of the achievement is determined by the influence. The size of influence is determined by the span of time.

In terms of time, a person who had become a history has become a knowledge. In writing, it means to turn one’s achievements into knowledge as soon as possible.

Books are originally a medium for transmitting and recording information. The book in physical forms can no longer meet the needs of the era. There are visual and audible versions of e-books. Obviously, they will not likely coexist in parallel with paper.

Now, reading paper books is very troublesome, especially after experiencing the 2019 coronavirus epidemic, paper books are too inconvenient.

The convenience of e-books and online editions has completely changed the conditions of being an author. As long as your words are thoughtful and your actions are contagious, someone will write a book for you.

Reading the autobiography of a celebrity can be inspiring, what to do to become the person you yearn for. Reading science fiction stories inspires me to do what I can do to realize my dreams.

Elon Musk likes to read sci-fi stories and became an innovative entrepreneur like Iron Man because he could not find a job. Liu Cixin became a writer by reading science fiction stories to create immortal science fiction in his spare time at work.

Everyone is walking on two parallel paths, and in the changing times, they switch roles unknowingly.

To say someone who is useful means to be able to help and give charcoal in the snow. On the contrary, it will only be icing on the cake, which is what people often say is useless.

Two parallel roads are short when they are in the same direction but can become eternal when they go in the opposite direction.

In our cognition, the Trinity is the concept of space. However, in the dimension of time, the possibility of parallelism has increased a lot.

In the past 30 years, 1990–2020, there have been classic cases in the development of the Internet. Netscape had always been a browser standard, but it was abandoned after the acquisition by AOL and was replaced by Microsoft’s IE. Now Microsoft has abandoned IE and switched to EDGE browser. Now, Firefox is very similar to Netscape’s early status, but Google’s queen brand is Chrome.

Parallel Roads

Currently, there are multiple browsers running in parallel on different network platforms. Apple’s iPad, iPhone, iBook and MAC use Safari browsers, Microsoft’s Windows platform uses EDGE and Chrome. It is worth mentioning that the Opera browser can run on various platforms,

Leadership is a parallel concept. Two systems in the same direction must coexist in harmony to achieve common growth. Individuals obey the rules of the group, and the group coordinates the individual’s ability to play. Personal growth space is not set by the group but chosen by the individual. People with leadership lead the group and attract more competitive participants.

As the Internet enters the era of blockchain encryption, Bitcoin has contributed a lot as a pioneer that has attracted people’s attention. Encryption technology with Ethereum as an energy form can be used to realize the energy conversion of complete assets from virtual to reality. In the days to come, Bitcoin will become an antique like Yahoo, and Ethereum will become a core like Google.

Work is the need for survival, and hard work can change the living environment. This is hard enough for some people. At the same time, entrepreneurship is a parallel path to self-realization and wealth. Entrepreneurship is a change of mentality, With the attitude of the boss to treat work, colleagues and customers.

In daily life, active self-discipline and passive endurance are the similar two paths. Self-discipline is the state and the relationship between one and others, organizing one’s own habits and environment to be clean and in order. Everyone needs more enthusiasm and support to reduce mutual harm and drag.

Work is the result of rationality, and life is a perceptual process. A sort of change-of-mind is no different to oneself, but completely opposite to others. There is no change in my own thoughts but the expression in words is opposite.

What is the meaning of life? This question can be answered in two ways, One is a philosophical approach, and the other is a religious approach. Philosopher’s answer is that there is no uniform standard for this wisdom. Religion’s answer is that the omnipotent wisdom of God is limitless.

Due to historical evolution, the way of thinking about cause and effect is divided into two. Causality is consensus but the difference only lies in direct and indirect causation.

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For the direct causation, there is no need for an intermediate process between cause and effect, that is, an intermediate process is not necessary. Finding the cause will inevitably lead to an effect. This causal relationship is often in no order.

In the financial payment market, a variety of cryptocurrencies have appeared in digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are all decentralized. There are also encrypted currencies issued by the central bank, such as the digital Renminbi CDBC. In the coming days, decentralized cryptocurrency and the FIAT central bank cryptocurrency will exist in parallel.

Investment and speculation are the same thing. The difference  has nothing to do with the length of holding stock, the price of stocks, the number of stocks bought, and it has nothing to do with winning or losing. The difference is the mentality, Investment is that not to sell after buying while speculation is that after buying always thinking about selling.

Professional investors and professional traders are not the same thing. Investment is planting seeds and harvesting fruits in the right season. Trading likes voting, it is a psychological game with small losses to exchange a chance for large profits.

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