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在线:开发一个在线平台,让学生可以使用各种数字工具实时协作和合作。 该平台将为学生提供共同完成作业、协作项目和分享想法的能力。 它还可以让教师监控学生的进步、评估他们的工作并提供反馈。

真实学校:创造一个创新的学习环境,让学生在真实场景中探索、实验和应用概念。 环境将包括交互式学习活动、实践项目和参与基于技术的活动。 它还将为教师提供提供个性化指导和支持的机会,以确保所有学生都取得成功。

idea for education online or real school

Online: Develop an online platform that allows students to collaborate and work together in real time using a variety of digital tools. The platform would provide students the ability to work together on assignments, collaborate on projects, and share ideas. It would also allow teachers to monitor student progress, assess their work, and provide feedback.

Real School: Create an innovative learning environment that allows students to explore, experiment, and apply concepts in real-world scenarios. The environment would include interactive learning activities, hands-on projects, and engaging technology-based activities. It would also provide teachers with the opportunity to provide personalized instruction and support to ensure that all students are successful.

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