一天,约翰在放学回家的路上被一群大一点的男孩拦住了。 他们开始骚扰他,把他推来推去并嘲笑他。 约翰很害怕,但他不想引起任何麻烦。 他试图低着头,避免任何形式的对抗。

他几乎不知道,男孩们还有其他计划。 他们最终把他拖到一条小巷里,开始残忍地殴打他。 约翰无法为自己辩护,他感到无助和害怕。 当附近的目击者报警时,他才得以逃脱。

约翰因这件事而震惊和受伤。 他害怕一个人走回家,不得不依靠父母的支持。 他做噩梦并回忆起这件事,感觉自己一直在回头看。


当简注意到约翰被一群大男孩骚扰时,她正在放学回家。 她很害怕,但知道她必须做点什么。 她跑到那群人身边,开始对他们大喊大叫,让他们别管他。 然后她抓住约翰的手,把他拉到安全的地方。

男孩们很生气,想跟着他们,但简能把他们挡开。 她最终把约翰带到她家,并在那里报了警。

简对这件事感到震惊,但她也为自己能介入并帮助约翰而感到自豪。 她感到有能力和灵感去帮助处于类似情况的其他人。 她最终成为欺凌和家庭暴力受害者的倡导者,并努力帮助其他经历过类似创伤的人。

story for victim and survivor


John had been walking home from school one day when he was stopped by a group of older boys. They proceeded to harass him, pushing him around and taunting him. John was scared, but he didn’t want to cause any trouble. He tried to keep his head down and avoid any type of confrontation.

Little did he know, the boys had other plans in mind. They eventually dragged him into an alleyway and proceeded to brutally beat him. John was unable to defend himself, and he felt helpless and scared. He was only able to escape when a nearby witness called the police.

John was left shaken and traumatized by the incident. He was too scared to walk home alone and had to rely on his parents for support. He had nightmares and flashbacks of the incident and felt like he was constantly looking over his shoulder.


Jane was walking home from school when she noticed John being harassed by a group of older boys. She was scared but knew she had to do something. She ran over to the group and started yelling at them to leave him alone. She then grabbed John’s hand and pulled him away to safety.

The boys were angry and tried to follow them, but Jane was able to keep them away. She eventually took John to her house, where she called the police.

Jane was shaken by the incident, but she was also proud of herself for stepping in and helping John. She felt empowered and inspired to help others in similar situations. She eventually became an advocate for victims of bullying and domestic violence, and she worked to help others who had experienced similar traumas.

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