We established WAY2GOAL Consulting in 2003 with the belief that expert consulting services tailored to individual needs and reality play a vital role in improving personal financial conditions.

We work with clients for financial consulting, and apply our deep understanding of customer needs and tailor-made data-driven solutions to their unique local and regional challenges.

We Invest in the company leading the change of market and adapts to changing quickly using technology to solve global problems.

We supply education services for individual investors who need professional training for building mental models that are must have to do investing and trading in stock market.


Transformation to live a rich and happy life by investing our time and money in the right way.


Grow capital with new cash flows:

Passive incomes such as stock dividends, shelter rents, and sales commissions.

Active incomes such as labor works, trading futures.

Help people who need most in social interactions.


Buy and Hold then Profit. This is a mental model of confidence to do investing.

Team & Partners

Experts in Financial Investment, Psychology Consultation and Cloud Computing.

Experts in Software QA Testing.

Experts in Autistic Parenting.

With like-minded partners to drive change and deliver results.

buy and hold model

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