Crypto Research Tools: used to know the cycle and the peak of wave

  1. Stock-to-Flow Model Confirmed uptrend of Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin stock to flow model live chart
  3. Bitcoin relative strength index (double-top; 2013, 2017, 2021?)

Bitcoin Stock to Flow Value

Bitcoin Stock to Flow value ( (Linear extension only)

Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves (tell the price of peak)

200 Week Moving Average Heatmap (Cycles of BTC)

  • Cryptocurrency Price Live

  • Ethereum Price Today in US Dollars

  • Bitcoin Price Today in US Dollars

The Best Cycle of Bitcoin

($10-Sep 2012X100=$1000-Dec 2013) ($10000-Sep 2020X100=?)

Coinmetrics: Comparing Bitcoin Cycles

compare bitcoin cycles
Compare Bitcoin Cycles

  • Coin$0.69-7.85%
  • decentralandDecentraland$4.68-6.06%
  • The SandboxThe Sandbox$6.75-9.36%
  • GalaGala$0.63-9.65%
  • enjincoinEnjin Coin$3.54-6.35%

The Volatility is so high that you must use it for trading

Crypto Fear and Greed

May 24, 2021

Fear and Greed Index Hits Yearly Low as ‘Extreme Fear’ Sets In

Crypto Search Trends

Cryptor in Canada: The New Way To Invest

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