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To determine the price trend of the target and its position in the cycle.


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How to use this site to know where you are in Crypto market?

Models to know the cycle of bitcoin price

Stock-to-Flow Model
Bitcoin stock to flow model live chart
Bitcoin relative strength index
Bitcoin price temperature
MVRV Z-Score

The Volatility is so high that you must use it for trading

Crypto Fear and Greed

May 24, 2021
7 Jan 2021- 6 Jan 2022
Crypto fear and greed index
Jan 08, 2022 gives the most fear emotion in last 12 months
8 Jan 2021 -8 Jan 2022

Bitcoin Stock to Flow Value

Bitcoin Stock to Flow value ( (Linear extension only)

Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves (tell the price of peak)

200 Week Moving Average Heatmap (Cycles of BTC)

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Crypto Search Trends

Cryptor in Canada: The New Way To Invest

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